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Clinical Education Resources

Welcome to Pacific Physical Therapy Clinical Education! As a part of our clinical education faculty, we would like to provide you with easy access to the information and tools needed during your Pacific DPT student's clinical experience or internship. If you have any questions about our program please contact our Director of Clinical Education, Casey Nesbit, PT, DPT, DSc, PCS at cnesbit@pacific.edu or our Administrative Assistant/Clinical Education, Consuelo Roberts croberts@pacific.edu.

Pacific Physical Therapy Clinical Education Philosophy

University of the Pacific is dedicated to providing high quality clinical education. The academic faculty value the essential partnerships with clinical education faculty in creating a high quality clinical education experience. The academic and clinical education faculty actively collaborate to prepare Pacific Doctor of Physical Therapy students to be responsible, self-directed learners, excellent problem solvers, and reflective clinicians who provide creative, evidence-based, and compassionate care.

The development of professional practice begins with clinical experiences that are integrated early and often throughout the curriculum. These early experiences allow students to relate didactic knowledge to clinical application, and allow students to develop a foundation of professionalism and accountability. The final phase of clinical education concludes with a series of three internships in a variety of practice settings locally and globally with exposure to patients across the lifespan. The progressive emphasis on self-assessment and professional development prepares Pacific Doctor of Physical Therapy students to be skilled, autonomous practitioners dedicated to lifelong learning.

Pacific Physical Therapy Clinical Education Resource Manuals

Prior to each early Clinical Experience or final Clinical Internship a specific clinical education resource manual and a Student Information Sheet (a personalized biography that includes the student's contact information, preferred learning styles and clinical learning/performance goals) are emailed to the CCCE assigned to each student. The CCCE then distributes this information to the student's clinical instructor within their facility.

Physical Therapist Student Evaluation: Clinical Experience & Clinical Instruction

University of the Pacific continues to use this form to evaluate the clinical site and the clinical instruction during clinical experiences and clinical internships. This form includes the student's evaluation of both the overall clinical experience provided by the site and evaluation of the clinical instructor(s).

University of the Pacific continues to use the web based Clinical Performance Instrument (PT CPI Web) for evaluation of student's performance during their series of three final internships. If you have not used this tool before, you must first complete the free two-hour online training course through the APTA Learning Center. Detailed information is available at http://www.apta.org/PTCPI/TrainingAssessment/.

Once you have completed the training you can access the CPI Web at https://cpi2.amsapps.com/. Your login name is the email address that you provide to our university and you create your own password.

Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF)
The CSIF is a tool designed by the APTA for academic programs to collect information from clinical education sites. The CSIF is divided into two sections: Part I: Information for Academic Programs (pages 4-16) and Part II: Information for Students (pages 17-20).

Guidelines and Self-Assessments for Clinical Education
This APTA manual is designed to guide the development of clinical education sites. It includes sections for the site, the CCCE and the CI and includes guidelines followed by companion self-assessment tools. This manual can be downloaded for free by APTA members or can be purchased for $7.00 by nonmembers. Single copies cannot be purchased online, but can be ordered by calling 800/999-APTA, ext. 3395.


APTA Clinical Instructor Education and Credentialing Program
Are you interested in becoming an APTA Certified Clinical Instructor? If so, you must complete this formal clinical instructor education program composed of interactive didactic education sessions followed by an Assessment Center. The program is approximately 15 hours long and is offered frequently through APTA, CPTA and our Northern California Clinical Education Consortium. Check out their respective web pages for more details!

Northern California Clinical Education Consortium (NCCEC)
The NCCEC is an organization with representation from all Northern California physical therapist and physical therapists assistant education programs and clinical site representatives from the region: http://www.clinicaled.org/about.html

California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA)
For more information regarding continuing education opportunities, legislative updates and CPTA sponsored Clinical Instructor Education and Credentialing Programs:

APTA Clinical Education Information
For more information regarding clinical education site development and federal regulations related to students: