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General Prerequisites

  • Bachelor's degree with a major of student's choice.
  • Successful completion of the listed prerequisite courses.
  • Prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or above
  • Courses are taken on a graded basis; pass/fail courses are not acceptable.
  • Biological science, chemistry and physics courses must all include significant laboratory experiences.
  • It is recommended that prerequisite courses in Biology, Exercise Physiology, Anatomy and Physiology be taken within 10 years of applying to the program.
  • At least 50 hours of experience in physical therapy practice settings which includes at least 25 hours with inpatients in an acute care hospital (not a skilled nursing facility or transitional care unit)
  • GRE test scores must be less than 5 years old at the time of application. Please contact the Graduate School if you have questions.
  • A personal interview at the invitation of the selection committee is required.
  • All prerequisite courses/labs must be completed at an accredited institution. All courses must have defined objectives, a course description, an objective grading system with a letter grade and meet the content expectations of the prerequisite.  With the exception of Medical Terminology, the program does not accept on-line courses as fulfillment of prerequisite coursework.  Contact PTAdmissions@pacific.edu  for prior approval for an online Medical Terminology course only.

Prerequisite Courses

  • General Biology with lab or Cell Biology
    (4 semester credits / 5-6 quarter hours minimum.)
  • Human Anatomy with lab
    (4 semester credits / 5-6 quarter hours minimum. Vertebrate anatomy is acceptable if human anatomy is not available.)
  • Human Physiology with lab
    (4 semester credits / 5-6 quarter hours minimum. Animal physiology is acceptable if human physiology is not available.)
    Note: A single semester course combining anatomy and physiology does not meet this requirement. However, a two-semester sequence of the combined subjects will meet this requirement.
  • General Chemistry with lab
    (8 semester credits / 12 quarter hours minimum. A standard full-year course.)
  • General Physics with lab
    (8 semester credits / 12 quarter hours minimum. A standard full-year course. Calculus level physics is not required but is accepted.)
  • Abnormal Psychology plus one other Psychology course
    (6 semester credits / 9 quarter hours minimum.)
  • Statistics
    (3 semester credits / 4-5 quarter credits minimum)
  • Exercise Physiology
    (3 semester credits / 4-5 quarter hours minimum)
    Introduction to the study of human physiological responses and adaptations resulting from muscular activity, including demonstration and measurement of basic physiological responses that occur with exercise.
  • Medical Terminology
    (1-3 semester credits / 2-4 quarter hours minimum. A basic course in bioscientific terminology, analyzing the Latin and Greek elements in scientific English.) NOTE: On-line courses may be accepted.

For additional information, please contact:

PT Admissions
Voice: 209.946.2886