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Why Pacific PT

What makes Pacific's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Unique?

Student Centered

  • All faculty and staff are here for you
  • Teaching is the number one priority
  • Faculty office hours are arranged when you are not in class-we are available and accessible
  • Personal interviews: we want to get to know you , not just your academic rating. Our goal is to assemble a class of students who will thrive in an environment where we integrate a solid scientific base with clinical sciences, professionalism, clinical skills, critical thinking, and compassion to foster the development of exceptional clinicians.

Dedicated Faculty

  • All nine full-time faculty have earned their academic or clinical doctoral degrees
  • Full-time faculty areas of expertise encompass major practice areas including: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary, Musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular, and Pediatrics
  • Many full-time faculty are currently engaged in clinical practice
  • All full-time faculty are dedicated to expanding the body of knowledge upon which clinicians and academicians base decisions
  • Local clinicians and experts support our endeavors to prepare exceptional clinicians by serving as part-time faculty and clinical instructors

The Curriculum

  • Pacific's DPT curriculum is concise and begins with establishing a solid science foundation upon which clinical sciences are added and integrated with clinical skills and applications, critical thinking, and evidence-based decision making
  • The goal of our program is to prepare clinicians who holistically examine and evaluate patients, and develop and implement customized plans of care. The decision-making process is based on sound rationale grounded in the basic sciences and supported with evidence of effectiveness
  • Each term includes opportunities for exposure to patient care
  • Students learn in up to five different clinical settings with two early rotations each two weeks in length, and three terminal rotations each eight weeks in length.
  • Students complete the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in 25 months: each of the first 5 trimesters contains 18 credits of course work and/or clinical experience; the sixth trimester consists entirely of 16 weeks of full-time clinical experience


  • The cohort of students who enroll together graduate together, taking all of their classes together, with the exceptions of electives and clinical rotations
  • The drive for success is no longer at the expense of others' success. The students have a common goal of seeing their entire class master material not for an exam, but for the sake of their patients

Student Outcomes

  • 98.2% Graduation Rate (2012-2014)
  • 94.6% Pass Rate National Physical Therapy Licensure Exam (First exam attempt) (2011-2013) 
    • California and U.S. first-attempt pass rates (2011-2013): 89.3%
  • 100% Employment rate (graduates employed as PTs within 6 months after passing licensure exam)


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