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History of Commitment

Since 2007, University of the Pacific student pharmacists have been able to accomplish the following:

  • Total number of Medicare beneficiaries that have been assisted: 5,000
  • Number (%) of assisted low-income beneficiaries (LIS or Medicaid): 1,262 (25.2%)
  • Number (%) of beneficiaries assisted in a language other than English: 946 (17.5%)
  • Number of outreach events that were held: 99
  • Number of different cities in which outreach events were held: 18
  • Number of students who were trained and performed community outreach: 316
  • Total number of volunteer outreach hours completed by trained students: 12,591.5 (average of 46 hours/student)
  • Estimated beneficiary out-of-pocket savings as a result of student interventions: $4,603,266

Since 2011, we expanded the services provided to Medicare beneficiaries at outreach events to include comprehensive medication therapy management and administration of vaccines. Last year, students assisted 1,335 Medicare beneficiaries (all-time record!) in 13 outreach events. Collectively, students:

  • Assisted 69 (5.2%) beneficiaries in a language other than English.
  • Accommodated individuals whose preferred language was: Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, and American Sign Language.
  • Assisted 145 (10.9%) low-income subsidy beneficiaries.
  • Enrolled 347 beneficiaries into a new Medicare Part D plan onsite during outreach interventions.
  • Identified 1,992 severe medication-related issues during MTM services.
  • Contacted prescriber on behalf of beneficiaries for 94 severe medication-related issues. Physician follow-up revealed that our recommendation was accepted or the problem was resolved in >75% of such instances.
  • Administered 612 vaccinations (influenza, pneumococcal, Tdap and shingles).