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Patient Testimonials

medicare part d photo "Just a very well done service to us 'old folks'. We need to understand the programs and the system. We unfortunately don't get it, as we should. The programs at the event were very, very helpful and having the shots, flu/pneumonia, great idea."
- Health fair attendee at University of the Pacific, October 2010

cholesterol testing photo "Thank you so much for the Medicare Part D outreach program held at Hutchins Street Square, Tuesday, November 18, 2008. The entire Medicare maze leaves most of us scratching our heads and seniors totally bewildered. The staff and student pharmacists were phenomenal in helping our seniors through this complicated subject, while saving many of them scarce dollars. Such compassionate individuals will make great pharmacists! The Senior Center at Hutchins Street Square looks forward to continued cooperation with University of the Pacific."
- Health fair attendee at Hutchins Street Square, November 2008
medicare part d photo "I would like to thank the University and Dr. Raj for this wonderful community service they provided to us. Not very many public outreach events are held for seniors. Your commitment to health is a true ministry. Also I would like to recognize Katrina and Emmelin, they were so professional, knowledgeable, and adorable, a perfect face for your event."
- Health fair attendee at O'Connor Woods, October 2013
smiling beneficiaries photo "Very satisfied does not express my appreciation and level of professionalism displayed by the students yesterday. I left well informed and comfortable with an excellent insurance plan for 2014! Thanks to all. What a fantastic program."
- Health fair attendee at First Congressional Church, November 2013
student in purple photo "Your students worked so hard, were so understand and patient. We took advantage of all the screening. We learned we were taking some medication at the wrong time and some were years outdated. Our diets have already started to change and we are starting to exercise...Thank you so very much.
- Health fair attendee at LOEL Center And Gardens, November 2012
patient testimonial photo "Thank you for doing such a wonderful service for our community. All of your young people were excellent in service, and very professional overall!"
- Health fair attendee at First Congregational Church, November 2014
patient testimonial photo "Thank you for coming here each year. This is so helpful to have all these tests available to us without having to leave home. These youngsters do a terrific job."
- Health fair attendee at O'Connor Woods, November 2014