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David W. Collum, M.S.P.

Assistant Clinical Professor
AmerisourceBergen/Good Neighbor Pharmacy
Chair, Entrepreneurial Pharmacy Practice Program
Department of Pharmacy Practice

Phone: 209.946.2073
Email: dcollum@pacific.edu

David W. Collum, M.S.P. joined the Department of Pharmacy Practice family as Assistant Clinical Professor and Chair, AmerisourceBergen Good Neighbor Pharmacy Entrepreneurial Pharmacy Practice Program.The Entrepreneurial Pharmacy Practice Program is generously funded by alumni and a significant endowment from AmerisourceBergen/Good Neighbor Pharmacy.

Mr. Collum's professional career includes over 35 years of experience. An outstanding practitioner, educator, and entrepreneur, Mr. Collum will be responsible for developing curricular and experiential initiatives, coordinating the programming for students, and working with content experts in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, and pharmacy innovation.

Mr. Collum has spent much of his career focused on pharmacy policy and regulation education or developing and strengthening pharmaceutical purchasing and dispensing policies and practices. As an instructor for the University of Florida School of Pharmacy, he focused on pharmacy policy and regulation and assisted in teaching courses in Medicaid/Medicare Fraud and Abuse, Bioethics of Pharmaceutical Distribution, and Regulating Pharmaceutical Access and Costs.

Mr. Collum received his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Texas at Arlington with an emphasis on immunobiology and virology. He received his Master of Science degree in Pharmacy from University of Florida, with an emphasis on pharmaceutical outcomes and policy. He has guest lectured at University of the Pacific; is certified in HIPAA and in Coaching for Improvement. Additionally, Mr. Collum has extensive experience in pharmaceutical sales and management. A key entrepreneurial success has been his role in development and strengthening of purchasing power of the Associated Foods Pharmacy Cooperative, a cohesive independent pharmacy buying group consisting of over 120 pharmacies spreading across the western United States to Hawaii and Guam.

Mr. Collum joins us directly from his position at McKesson; prior to this he was employed by AmerisourceBergen. Key entrepreneurial programs included developing innovative generic pharmaceuticals buying programs for community pharmacies, and enhancing community pharmacy branding programs in areas such as home health care and diabetic care, with a special focus on improved patient outcomes. An innovative offering within the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, the Entrepreneurial Pharmacy Practice Certification program is designed to advance practitioners who develop entrepreneurial skills through both didactic and experiential work. Blending with the doctoral program, from the first semester the emphasis is on developing clinical and patient-care skills as a baseline for entry into the Entrepreneurial courses. Clinical experience in a wide variety of settings that includes innovative community pharmacies will provide students with a foundation of practical training. These clinical experiences mesh with entrepreneurial ideals applied in the business community.