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Joseph A. Woelfel, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., R.Ph., FASCP

Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacy Practice

Phone: 209.946.2374
Email: jwoelfel@pacific.edu

Research Interests

  • Geriatrics
  • Patient Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Pediatrics
  • Administration
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Medicare
  • Managed Care
  • Health Systems


Joseph A. Woelfel earned his bachelor of science in pharmacy in 1970, master of science in pharmacy in 1972, and his doctor of philosophy in clinical pharmacy in 1978 from University of the Pacific. He joined the Pacific Pharmacy family in 2006. Dr. Woelfel teaches geriatrics and pharmacy management, oversees 200 students working in skilled nursing facilities, coordinates their pharmaceutical care experiences, and manages the on-campus pharmaceutical care clinics. He was also a clinical practitioner with the Lodi Integrative Wellness Center, a collaborative of traditional and complementary medicine and wellness, and maintains an independent healthcare consultant practice.

Dr. Woelfel is the former director of pharmacy services and patient safety officer at Lodi Memorial Hospital Association. He was responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the subacute and long term care pharmacy services while at Lodi Memorial. He was also an assistant editor with the Therapeutic Research Center, writing for Pharmacist's Letter/Prescriber's Letter and the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. He has contributed over 50 peer-reviewed articles. He also serves as a consultant for legal firms, healthcare providers, and is a member of several community health boards. He was an in-kind contributor to the Healthier San Joaquin County Assessment in 2008 and 2010.

Dr. Woelfel's personal experiences helping his parents, godmother, and aunt as they aged and needed increasing levels of care, strengthened his commitment to improving patient care. He is dedicated to helping individuals and their families get the information and resources they need to achieve the best possible quality of life.

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