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Linda L. Norton, PharmD

Professor, Associate Dean for Operations


Phone: 209.946.2412
Email: lnorton@pacific.edu


PharmD, University of the Pacific

At Pacific Since: 1993

Linda L. Norton '91, PharmD earned her doctor of pharmacy at University of Pacific in 1991. She completed one year of residency at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Stockton, California and one year at University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona in drug information. In addition, Dr. Norton completed a two year drug information fellowship with the American Academy of Pain Management in Sonora, California. Dr. Norton joined the Pacific pharmacy family in 1993.

Dr. Norton loves teaching at Pacific because she sees each day as a new adventure. She strongly believes that Pacific has some of the best students in the world and they make the School a very special place full of excitement and activity. She credits the School's faculty and staff for creating a supportive, positive and creative atmosphere where students can thrive.

Dr. Norton has been a member of the Rho Chi Honor Society since 1988 and a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society since 1990. She has served as a Faculty Advisor for Pacific's chapter of Phi Lambda Sigma. She is a member of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the American Society of Consulting Pharmacists. She has served in multiple positions and on multiple committees for the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.

She enjoys being outdoors playing with her dog, gardening, camping or walking the bridges of the Bay Area. She loves to host dinners for her friends and family. She considers herself a life-long learner and is an avid reader of history and adventure novels.


Teching Philosophy: "As a lifelong learner and a facilitator, I firmly believe that continuing to learn, grow and contribute is the only way to really live one’s life. Because of that personal philosophy I believe that students deserve the opportunity to explore and grow as they contribute to courses and learn the subject matter of each course, knowing that some courses and content will resonate more closely with some students than others. Additionally, all students deserve to have exposure to the many facets of professional education, and especially the facets of education and opportunities in their chosen field. They need these opportunities to explore and find their niche in life and their profession. In order to do their best explorations they need the freedom and encouragement to both succeed and occasionally stumble, but with a safety net. Our uniqueness is part of what allows each of us the opportunity to make our diverse contributions in life and within our professions. For students this diversity provides the opportunity for each to be individually challenged, with the knowledge that all will be held to similar high expectations and given the opportunity to shine. My role as a teacher is to provide the guidance and support to allow each student to not just succeed, but to excel while insuring that students are learning and growing in their ability to apply the subject matter of the courses to the betterment of the profession and their patients. To do that I have to recognize and value each student and provide understanding and encouragement when special help may be needed."


PHRM 115 - Nonprescription therapy and Self Care
PHRM 121 - Informatics, Statistics & Research Design
PHRM 123 - Physiology & Pathophysiology II
PHAR 111 - Pharmacy Systems & Experience I
PHAR 112 - Pharmacy Calculations & Statistics
PHAR 121 - Pharmacy Systems & Experience II
PHAR 141 - Pharmacy Systems and Experience IV
PHAR 162 - Self-Care & Triage
PCSP 203 - Information & Laboratory Management
PCSP 209 - Technical Writing & Presentation
PCSP 265 - Health Care Economics
PCSP 295/395 - Graduate Seminar
PMED 161 - Nutrition
PRAC 135 - Student Journal Club
PRAC 152 - OTC Therapeutics
PRAC 158 - Therapeutics Seminar
PRAC 162 - Contemporary Pharmacy Practice
PRAC 122 - Drug Information
PHAR 110 - Professionalization One
PRAC 193 - Independent Study
PRAC 127 - RX Tract Writer
PRAC 137 - RX Tract Editor
PRAC 135 - Drug Information Service
PRAC 135 - Student Journal Club
PRAC 171 - 185 preceptor for Internal Medicine and Ambulatory Care
PRAC 176D - Drug Information Clerkship Rotation
PRAC 176X - Poison Control Rotation
PRAC 285 - Topics in Acute Care Practice 


Research Interests:

  • Quality programs to improve patient care and outcomes
  • Natural products and their use in populations
  • Biomedical informatics