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Linda Panofsky, PharmD

Assistant Professor, Healthcare Outreach IPPE Coordinator


Phone: 209.932.3068
Email: lpanofsky@pacific.edu


PharmD, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 2003

At Pacific Since: 2011

Linda Panofsky, PharmD earned her doctor of pharmacy in medical sciences from the University of Arkansas in 2003. Before joining the Pacific faculty, Dr. Panofsky owned a pharmacy in Arkansas where she served as CEO and pharmacy manager. During that time, she also served as adjunct faculty and guest lecturer at various institutions. She joined the Pacific family in 2011.

Dr. Panofsky loves that the faculty at Pacific have a strong desire to support each other and the students. She also appreciates that at Pacific students have a great sense of togetherness and appreciation for cultural diversity. Dr. Panofsky focuses on teaching critical thinking skills. Her goals in her role at Pacific are to provide cutting edge learning methodology to enhance lifelong learning, innovate the practice of pharmacy pedagogy and represent a service learning model consistent with compassionate patient care. She also aims to help create lifelong learners and excellent health care providers.

Dr. Panofsky has worked in a variety of niche areas within the field of pharmacy including nuclear, compounding, long-term care and medication therapy management (MTM) ambulatory care. She is certified as a MTM provider and an American Pharmacists Association immunization provider. She is also a Drug Enforcement Administration licensed mid-level practitioner.

Actively involved in a number of professional organizations, Dr. Panofsky is a member of the American Pharmacists Association, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, the California Pharmacists Association, the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.

Dr. Panofsky conducted research early in her education related to improving the function of a life-saving medication and that led her to choose pharmacy as a profession. Throughout her career she has been influenced and inspired by the vast number of courageous and resilient patients who battle chronic illnesses on a daily basis. Her patients motivate her to strive for excellence as both a pharmacist and educator.

She has volunteered both locally and abroad. She was a physician's assistant in the emergency department at a facility in Kathmandu, Nepal. Locally, she has been an advocate and volunteer at free health clinics in her community for many years. She has also been involved with several Bay Area groups on women's advocacy, including those who focus on the prevention of domestic violence.

Dr. Panofsky's philosophy is that exercise is the best medicine. Prior to her career in pharmacy, she was a kickboxing instructor, a competitive triathlete and a personal trainer. Dr. Panofsky enjoys spending time outdoors working in her organic garden, hiking, climbing or cycling in the Bay Area. Her interests also include gourmet cooking and music. At one time she was the lead singer and guitar player in a rock band. She loves spending time with her husband, Peter, who is a firefighter and emergency medical technician, and her daughter, Clara.


Teaching Philosophy: "I believe that every person holds a capacity to learn and to meaningfully expand upon that learning. As an educator, I endeavor to foster a supportive, creative, interactive and reflective learning environment. It is my intent to develop caring, trusting relationships with all of my students and faculty colleagues based on mutual commitment to collaborative learning. I believe that no one approach to learning or teaching can be applied statically. This is why it is my philosophy to regularly adapt my teaching strategies to innovatively meet the needs of my students. Each learning interaction is intended to provide students with opportunities to explore, self-reflect, and share their learning. I strive to empower my students to be critical thinkers not only in pharmacy, but also in global considerations, to become responsible members or their community, life-long learners and leaders. As a learning mentor, I aim to ignite a fire of intrigue and stimulate a hunger for more knowledge in each of my students."


PHRM 130 - Geriatrics IPPE (Guest Lecturer)
PHRM 138 - Practicum II (Co-teacher)
PHRM 157 - Therapeutics IV: Renal Respiratory (Course Coordinator)
PHRM 161 - Pharmacy Management (Interim Course Coordinator)
PHRM 158 - Practicum III (Facilitator)
PHRM 168 - Practicum IV (Facilitator)
PHRM 169 - Healthcare Outreach IPPE (Coordinator)


Research Interests:

  • Pain Management
  • Higher Education and Mindset
  • Psychology of Learning