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Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Admissions
Office of the Dean
751 Brookside Road
Stockton, CA 95207
Mailing - 3601 Pacific Avenue Stockton, CA 95211

Cathy Peterson, PT, Ed.D.


Department of Physical Therapy

Phone: 209.946.2397

Research Interests

  • Cultural Competence
  • Student Preparedness
  • Faculty Development
  • Neuro-anatomical structures
  • Neuromuscular pathologies

Dr. Peterson earned her bachelor of science from University of Iowa, her master's degree in physical therapy from Des Moines University and her doctor of education in organization and leadership from University of San Francisco. She has been with Pacific since 2002 and was recently named Fulbright Scholar to Malawi. Dr. Peterson's interests include developing international opportunities for students to learn about themselves, other cultures and issues pertinent to health, and health care delivery in our global society.

Favorite thing about teaching at Pacific: "The students - we have a role in selecting the students, but there is something about Pacific that the students are just excited, engaged and committed at a level that most of the time exceeds my expectations. They support one another, they're not trying to undermine anyone and it's just a good environment to be in. I appreciate the support within our peer system and the support of administration, and what the University has to offer. I like the student centered philosophy and emphasis here."

Teaching philosophy: "To create an environment where students feel safe exploring new knowledge and their application of that new knowledge to situations of clinical relevance. I'm trying to be very innovative with new technology to keep them on board but I don't use that in a way that detracts from the content."

Dr. Peterson enjoys going to San Francisco to see Giants games. She enjoys city hiking, urban hiking and shopping. She also loves to travel and believes that all of her hobbies are much better when with her husband. They also enjoy scuba diving, watching old movies and playing scrabble.

"It's so important for me to learn about people in different areas. When I've been to a part of the world and I see those corners show up in the papers it gives me a personal connection. It makes me want to know more about life there and be supportive when it's not peaceful. I am a Rotarian and I enjoy the service through rotary. I enjoy the networking and the fellowship as well as the opportunities to serve local community in Stockton."