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Timothy J. Smith, RPh, PhD



Phone: 209.946.3168
Email: tsmith@pacific.edu


BS in Pharmacy, Purdue University, 1978

PhD in Pharmacology, University of Minnesota, 1983

At Pacific: 2012

Timothy J. Smith, RPh, PhD earned his bachelor of science in pharmacy from Purdue University in 1978 and his doctor of philosophy in pharmacology from University of Minnesota in 1983. He joined the Pacific family in 1993. What he loves about teaching at Pacific is the enthusiasm of the students. His goal in his role at Pacific is to help his students obtain unique, marketable skills.

Dr. Smith serves as the Director of the US-Asia BioSciences Research and Communications Consortium and the Director of the Global Consortium for Life Systems Research and Design. His career has included affiliation with four pharmacy schools and one medical school.

From a young age Dr. Smith had a desire to work in a profession that promoted healing. Dr. Smith volunteers through his church with a number of programs that provide services to those that are homeless, unemployed or have severe disabilities. In addition, he volunteers for BioLink, an organization that distributes scientific supplies donated by companies the biotech industry to schools and universities in the Bay Area. The individuals who have influenced him the most in his career are pharmacy advisors, doctoral advisors and a close family friend.

Dr. Smith enjoys exploring, both locally and abroad, and he has traveled throughout Asia. In addition to playing the guitar, he is a singer and song-writer. He draws parallels between art and science; he sees practical applications for creativity in both realms. His interest in music fuels his interest in science.


Teaching Philosophy: "Human learning is most effectively a social experience."


PHRM 136 - Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry II
PHRM 145 - Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry III
PHRM 122 - Physiology and Pathophysiology I
PHRM 123 - Physiology and Pathophysiology II
PHYP 138 - Essentials of Toxicology
DH 121 - Dental Hygiene Pharmacology


Research Summary: "My research focuses on the use of computers to make drug therapy more effective and the use of natural materials to increase the effectiveness and application of drugs in therapy."

Research Interests: 

  • Neural Computing
  • Environmental and Ecotoxicology
  • Biopolymer Pharmacology


Smith, TJ. Neural Network Analysis for Predicting Diastolic Blood Pressure Reductions with Calcium Channel Blocker, Angiotensin Antagonist and Diuretic Combination Therapy: A Preliminary Overview. International Journal of Neural Networks and Applications. 4(2) July-December 2011 pp. 125-126.