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About the Exchange Visitor Application Form

This form is also used when requesting an extension of a program for an Exchange Visitor.

In addition to enabling a prospective Exchange Visitor to obtain a visa, the DS-2019 provides the U.S. Government with information it compiles about activities taking place under the Exchange Visitor Program. Furthermore, it enables the US consul who issues the visa to determine whether the Exchange Visitor is subject to the two-year foreign residence requirement (section 212.e. of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended).

NoteJ-1 Exchange Visitor status is appropriate for a foreign national who is coming to the University temporarily.

All of the information requested is required and without it, the DS-2019 cannot be completed properly. Without a properly completed DS-2019, the prospective Exchange Visitor will not be able to obtain the visa needed to enter the United States, or to transfer to the University of the Pacific if already in the U.S. in another Exchange Visitor Program. If the prospective Exchange Visitor is to be accompanied by dependents, contact International Programs and Services.