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University of the Pacific
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When SEVIS Payment is Required

Payment is Required If you are:

  • A new applicant for an F-1 and J-1 visa and have been issued an Initial Attendance I-20 or New DS-2019.
  • An applicant exempt from the visa requirement applying for admission at a U.S. port of entry to begin initial attendance at a DHS approved school or initial participation in a Department of State designated exchange visitor program.
  • An applicant in the U.S. seeking a change of status to F or J.
  • A student granted J-1 status as a participant in an exchange visitor program sponsored by the Federal government whose category type G-1, G-2, or G-3 and now transferring to another J-1 program that is not government sponsored.
  • A J-1 exchange visitor applying for a change of category within the U.S.
  • A J-1 student applying for reinstatement after a substantive violation.
  • An F-1 student applying for reinstatement who has been out of student status for a period exceeding more than five (5) months.
  • An F-1 student who has been absent from the U.S. for a period exceeding five months, was not working towards completion of curriculum in authorized study abroad or research program and now wishes to re-enter for a new F-1 program of study in the U.S.