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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Referral Center

What we do...
  • Help students connect to campus resources such as: tutorial center, student advising, financial aid, study skills workshops, career resource center, health services, counseling and psychological services, and more
  • Help students get back on track in classes they may struggle in
How does it work?
  • Professors refer students who are experiencing challenges in attending class, understanding course material and/or have personal needs
  • Students can reach out and refer themselves if they are experiencing challenges in their classes
  • Referral Center staff contact the referred student
  • Staff meet with student, assess student needs, and provide or connect the student to resources on campus
  • Drop-in student apppointments are available for consultation/advising
How to contact us...

We help students assess their needs and access the services they need in order to attain their academic goals. We also function as a safety net for students who need initial guidance toward services. Located in Hand Hall (111 or 114), the Referral Center is a one-stop location for students to use peer and staff support to access and connect to Pacific resources such as tutoring, writing assistance, services for students with disabilities, study skills workshops, and various types of academic and personal counseling. A flyer for the referral center with additional information can be found here.

The following links provide Referral Center information for:

Faculty or staff making a referral
Students seeking support services