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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Faculty Referral

Common reasons faculty refer students include: excessive absenteeism, poor participation and/or 
performance on exams, challenges with study skills and/or preparation for class, and other problems 
(financial, health, personal, etc.) that are affecting class performance. Once a student is referred, 
staff contact the student and assist the student with accessing appropriate services. As needed, referred students are monitored through the semester to ensure services are accessed and improving the student's academic experience and success at Pacific.

To refer a student in need, simply email referralcenter@pacific.edu. If you have questions, call 209-946-2177.

Urgent Referral: If you feel the student is in need of urgent support, please consider the following 
immediate action items before submitting a referral center form:

Medical Emergency: For a medical emergency, dial Public Safety's emergency number: 209-946-

Imminent Self-Harm and/or Threat to Others: If you are concerned about a student engaged in 
imminent self-harm or threat to others, please notify Public Safety immediately at the emergency 
number: 209-946-3911. It is recommended you save it as "A_Public Safety Emergency" in your cell 
phone so that it is at the top of the phone contacts list.  

For a description of emergency therapy services available to students, visit the Counseling and 
Psychological Services (CAPS) website.

Disruptive Behavior: If a student becomes confrontational or disruptive, do not become 
argumentative but notify Public Safety immediately. Public Safety will respond and document this 
behavior and it will be forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct for further action.  You may 
also choose to arrange a one-on-one meeting to discuss these outbursts with the student and how 
they will not be tolerated along with possible consequences for further outbursts. Public Safety is 
available to have someone present if you are concerned your safety or can use additional support.

Please keep Public Safety's number in your cell phone and carry it openly so you can call 
immediately if there is an issue.  The emergency number is: 209-946-3911 and it is recommended 
you save it as "A_Public Safety Emergency" in your cell phone so that it is at the top of the phone 
contacts list.  You can also call Public Safety using a blue light phone.

Victim Advocate: provides free and confidential information, advocacy and support to students and 
employees who may be victims of crime, violence or abuse. A confidential sexual assault report 
form can be accessed on the Victim's Advocacy Program website and the Victim Advocate is on-call 24/7 at 209-403-0250.