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Pacific Fellowship Office
Callison Lodge
Susan Weiner, PhD
Fellowship Advisor

Past Fellowship Recipients and Finalists

Pacific has an outstanding history of excellence in the successful pursuit of fellowship funding. Click on hyperlinks for testimonials.


Jesse Herche, Biology and Violin Performance, Fulbright, France
Andrew Marson, Education, Fulbright ETA, Brazil
Amy Wyckoff, International Relations and Spanish, Fulbright ETA, Colombia
Adam Anderson, Political Science and Economics, Critical Language Scholarship, China
Angie Montano, Mathematics and English, Critical Language Scholarship, South Korea
Gerardo Martinez, Bioengineering, Goldwater Scholarship, Honorable Mention
Jihee Yoon, Predentistry, Goldwater Scholarship, Honorable Mention


Adam Anderson, Political Science and Economics, Boren Scholarship, China
Jesse Herche, Biology and Violin Performance, Marshall Scholarship, Finalist
Selena Kaffer, Mechanical Engineering, Critical Language Scholarship (Turkey), Finalist


Nahid Kadirzada, Economics-Pickering Fellowship
Cheyanne Harris, Civil Engineering-Boren Scholarship, Critical Language Scholarship (Japan)
Jesse Herche, Biology and Violin Performance-Amgen Scholars, MIT
Alea Freeman, English and Philosophy-Leadership Alliance, Princeton
Marcos Beltran-Sanchez, Chemistry-Gilman Scholarship


Joy Clark, Theatre Arts-Jack Kent Cook Graduate Arts Award, Finalist
John Langdon, History-Fullbright Scholarship, India
Chelsea Wood, International Relations- Fulbright ETA, Thailand (Declined)
Jackson Campbell, Biology-SROP, Northwestern
Sarah Wong, Biology-Pi Kappa Phi
Arvind, Biology-Amgen Scholars, Stanford
Cheyanne Harris, Civil Engineering-NanoJapan International Research Experience, Finalist


Sarah Wong, Biology-Goldwater Scholarship
Brittany Klemm, Geosciences-Goldwater Scholarship
Emma Luther, Economics-Fulbright Scholarship, Germany
Shannon Chapman, Development and Cultural Change-Truman Scholarshop, Finalist
Caitlin Denton, Sociology-Boren Scholarship, Ghana
Danielle Procope, English and Philosophy-SROP, Northwestern


Karelli Cabral, Development and Cultural Change-Fulbright ETA, Mexico
Khatijah Corey, International Relations and Spanish-Pickering Scholarship
Julia Sasha Custer, Speech-Language Pathology-Fulbright ETA, Russia
Nicholas Freeman, International Relations and Commerce-Fulbright ETA, Russia
Brianna Juhrend, Civil Engineering-Boren Scholarship, Russia
Shannon Chapman, Development and Cultural Change-Boren Scholarship, Ghana
Sean Forte, Conservatory-Fulbright ETA, France, Finalist
Courtney Hudgens- Boren Scholarship, Senegal, Alternate


David Allen, International Relations and Global Studies-Fulbright ETA, Korea
Gabriella McDaniel, Geolosciences-Goldwater Scholarship
Joe Styers, Global Studies and Japanese-Fulbright Scholarship, Korea (Declined)


Benjamin Alldritt, Mechanical Engineering-Fulbright Scholarship, Finland
Grant Hollis, Civil Engineering-Rhodes Scholarship, Finalist
Matthew Lemmon, Civil Engineering-Goldwater Scholarship, Honorable Mention
Trevor Rosenbery, Global Studies and Chinese-Boren Scholarship, China
Kelly Walker, International Affairs and Commerce-Boren Scholarship, China
Devon Blount, Global Studies and Russian-Boren Scholarship, Russia
Kristal Leonard, International Relations and Chinese-Boren Scholarship, China
Caroline McCaskey, Conservatory of Music-Fulbright, Canada, Alternate
Hunter Tanous, International Relations and Global Studies-Boren Scholarship, Jordan (Alternate)