Eberhardt School of Business - Student Advisors

Bezawit Admassu

Major: Business Administration, Concentration: Management and Human Resources
Anticipated Graduation: May 2018
Why I Love Being a Student Advisor: Being able to give back to students, as well as sharing my Pacific experience with others.
Fun Fact: My biggest fear is the ocean. Hometown: Stockton, CA
Campus Involvement: ASuop Arts and Entertainment, Student Advising, Alpha Phi, Community Service

Bezawit Admassu

Kathleen Ho

Major:  Business Administration, Concentration: Accounting
Anticipated Graduation: May  2017
Why I Love Being a Student Advisor: I'm excited to be a student advisor because I would love to learn great leadership and communication skills. I would love to expand myself through leadership capabilities as well as develop a bond with others academically and emotionally.
Fun Fact: My uncle is a famous Vietnamese singer, and I was on one of his albums when I was in fourth grade. 
San Jose, CA
Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi  

KHO headshot

Neriah Howard

Business Administration Concentration: Marketing + Management and Human Resources

Anticipated Graduation: 2018
Why I'm Excited to be a Student Advisor: I wanted to be a Student Advisor in order to help the new students make their transition into collage an easy one. My advisor helped me tremendously during my first year at UOP and I wanted to be able to do the same for others.
Stockton, California
Fun Fact:
My favorite Pixar movie is Ratatouille, which is ironic because I'm afraid of rats. 
Campus Involvement: 
Delta Gamma, Tiger Dance Team, Internship with Center for Business and Policy Research, Black Student Union

Jashan Kaur

Major: Business Adminstration, Concentration: Accounting
Anticipated Graduation: May 2017
Why I Love Being A Student Advisor: I love being able to help students both academically and personally.
Fun Fact: I speak 3 languages fluently.
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Campus Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi, Resident Assistant, Alpha Phi   

SA Jashan Kaur

Katrina Martin

Major: Business Administration
Anticipated Graduation: 
May 2017
Why I Love Being A Student Advisor: 
I enjoy helping students adjust to Pacific, and I want to make a big impact in their lives.
Fun Fact: 
I've been to nine different countries.
Vallejo, CA
Campus Involvement: 
Pacific Women's Club Volleyball Team, RecSports Official, Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi 

Status: Studying Abroad - Not Advising for Academic Year 2015-2016  

SA Katrina Martin