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Effective Practice

One of the best ways to improve online and blended teaching is to find good examples of online sites, best practices, and innovative ideas. Often, as classroom instructors, we have been exposed to both good and bad teaching practices from our own educational experience. With online and blended teaching, however, instructors and professors that are asked to teach often have little or no experience as a student in an online class. Some of the limitations to online and blended education are not necessarily because of a lack of technology, but of a lack of awareness of what is possible. It is a time-consuming process, to play around with the various programs and systems to find effective ways to engage students, build community, as well as disseminate information in an interesting and engaging way. Therefore, it is important that faculty share their successes (and their failures) with other faculty and share best practices and ideas for improvement. There is no one solution to blended and online education. Each discipline, program, and course comes with its own unique set of challenges and problems. But the more faculty share, and the more ideas are exchanged, the more effective online components can contribute to the overall educational experience.

This page will contain links to interviews, walk-throughs, and screen casts of course sites and best practices by faculty of the University of the Pacific.

If you are interested in submitting an entry to this page, please contact Dr. Donald Jordan for more information.

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