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Certificate Programs

We understand that acquiring new skills can promote opportunities for professional success. We offer flexible certificates to help you grow your career or enrich your personal life.

Our certificates come in several topics including business, law, tech, communication, and many more. We are sure you will find something that fits your needs!

Advanced Legal Research & Writing Certificate
This exciting course is designed to teach advanced and specialized approaches to utilize the legal resources available in a law library, and elsewhere. The conceptual differences between computer-assisted legal research and hard copy research will be taught. You will also learn how to formulate WESTLAW search queries and effectively and efficiently use WESTLAW and other online legal research methods as time-saving devices in legal research and legal writing.This course is designed to examine more thoroughly advanced and specialized approaches to utilizing the legal sources available in the law library and online. Learn More >

Advanced Paralegal Certificate
Without any prior degrees or legal experience, most students who wish to be paralegals in the state of California will need to take the Paralegal Certificate Course© and the Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course to be in compliance with California Business and Professions Code §6450. If you do have experience and/or a degree, please review the code to find out if you can qualify without taking the Advanced course. These specialized classes are also available to students who wish to extensively build upon their knowledge of law and paralegal studies with classes in specialized facets of contemporary law. These classes build upon the nationally acclaimed Paralegal Certificate Course©, which is a prerequisite for the class.The Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course is for Continuing Education Units only (CEUs) with 15 different topics that cover various specific areas of law. Students must successfully complete six of these 15 topics to earn an Advanced Paralegal Certificate. Each topic must be completed in a seven-week session. Up to three Advanced Paralegal Course topics may be taken during a seven-week online session and topics do not have to be taken in any particular order. These courses are offered online only. Learn More >

Animal Shelter Management Certificate
Society's relationship to pets continues to evolve. The majority of people consider their pets to be beloved family members and expect their local animal shelter to work diligently to save the lives of the dogs and cats that enter the facility. This program will provide the knowledge you need to assume a management or leadership role at an open-admission, no-kill animal shelter including program management, community engagement, and shelter operations preparing you for a rewarding career. Learn More >

Business Coaching Certificate
Mentoring and coaching have come to be used more frequently in organizations to improve leadership competencies and provide employee support. It has benefits for the employer and employee. Develop skills in the development, implementation, and support of coaching and mentoring programs in your workplace. Take home the much-awaited toolkit you have been searching for to improve your employees' performance and create the working environment that your employees will find truly rewarding. Building on Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace Course I, C/M II take a further in-depth look at variables involved in employee support. Additionally, in this course you will develop skills in the development, implementation, and support of coaching and mentoring programs in your workplace. Critical analysis and improvement of your programs alongside group dynamics and innovative strategies will also be examined in terms of coaching and mentoring programs. This course offers the much-awaited toolkit you have been searching for to improve your employees' performance and create the working environment that your employees will find truly rewarding. Marie Johnson, COI and Sherri Restauri Carson, COI, instructors. One two-month course. Learn More >

Business Research Certificate
Overview:For business professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs specific information about a business! Discover the specific knowledge needed to succeed in researching and utilizing the best and most appropriate data for decision making for your work organization. You'll get the skills needed to effectively communicate research results to a specific audience for maximum impact and effective decision making. Topics such as market potential, competitive intelligence, standard industry practice, productivity improvement, will be covered. Learn More >

Customer Research Certificate
Your customers hold the key to your organization's success and surveys are one of the best ways to find out what your customers want, and how they want it. Too many surveys ask people the wrong questions. Discover who to survey, what questions to ask, and the key to getting a higher response to your surveys. This hard-hitting practical course will yield a huge ROI for your organization. Whether you need to analyze profitability, satisfaction, service or all three, this course will generate thousands of dollars in increased sales, greater efficiency, or more effectiveness. Includes a personal FREE critique of one of your surveys! Learn More >

Customer Service Certificate
The Customer Service Certificate consists for two courses; Keys to Customer Service and Extraordinary Customer Service. To receive the certificate you must register for and complete both courses.Customer service is now essential for business and all work organizations. With the increase of technology, human interaction with customers becomes all the more important. Whether it relates to retaining customers, serving your audience, or turning inquiries from potential customers into sales, good customer service is now one of the central factors in organizational success. Learn to improve your customer service skills to enhance your career skill set, improve productivity, and increase your organization's success. You will also take away some extraordinary customer service techniques you won't find anywhere else. Learn More >

Data Analysis Certificate
Data Analysis is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace. Companies have vast amounts of data, but it is rare to have someone with the ability to analyze that data to see trends and make predictions. Whether your business is home based or a large company, add a whole new skill set to your portfolio, and make a big difference in the success of your organization by acquiring data analysis skills. Learn More >

Designing Webinars Certificate
Webinars are a hot new meeting format that save money and reach more people than in-person meetings. Use them for customer education, staff meetings and training, presentations, virtual seminars and much more. The technology is simple, but good webinar presentation techniques are critical. Discover the power of successful webinars for your business organization. Then learn the 4 key strategies to make your webinars more successful. Acquire techniques and tips that will make your webinars winners with your audiences. Learn More >

eMarketing Essentials Certificate
Come get a fundamental yet advanced introduction to eMarketing, including improving email promotions, analyzing your web site traffic, doing search engine optimization, and how to successfully employ online advertising.Relevant for any type of organization, including businesses, companies, non-profits, and government agencies. No eMarketing experience or expertise is necessary. If you are already at an advanced level, your instructors are experts and can provide the latest most advanced information and answer your toughest questions. Learn More >

Entrepreneurship Certificate
Thinking about starting your own business, but don't know where to start? Entrepreneurship has become a fast-growing field of study as many individuals contemplate starting a new venture or establishing their own business, especially during these turbulent economic times. Offered completely online you'll learn the fundamental business training needed for your business to grow successfully through the use of selected readings, video, interactive exercises, and case studies. Learn More >

Human Resource Management Certificate
An effective human resource management strategy is a valuable asset to any company, but those running small businesses often cannot justify designating a full-time HR professional to manage employee relations, compensation, policy-making, performance management, and employee appraisals.This suite of courses will teach you the basics of managing the benefits and policies that support an effective staff. What does an employer need to know about anti-discrimination regulations? What are the key aspects of pay policies? How can employers avoid the traps of the employee selection process? In this suite of courses, you will discover the answers to these and other important questions.Each 3 to 5 hour, self-paced course offers an assortment of interactive exercises, videos, selected readings, case studies, and self-assessments that will engage you and structure your learning about human resource management.Our Ask the Expert feature connects you to a network of experts ready to answer any content-related questions you have. You can expect to receive a response within 24 to 48 hours, though some questions are answered the same day they are sent.Upon successful completion, you can download a printable certificate of completion for this online course suite. The course has no textbooks or prerequisites. Learn More >

Inbound Marketing Certificate
More effective than outbound marketing, where you push sales messages to your potential customers; inbound marketing is a way to help potential customers find you through an organic search. It is a process of using your website in a way that attracts visitors naturally through search engines, the blogosphere, and social media. Discover how to attract customers to your site, what kind of content to share with them, how to use landing pages and forms to collect names and email address, and how to implement lead-nurturing campaigns that result in sales. Learn More >

International Trade Certificate
Is your business ready to enter the global market? Are you already there but need up-to-date information in order to compete internationally?This certificate prepares small business owners and managers in multi-national corporations looking to gain a strong background in global management, marketing, and logistics. It also covers legal, cultural and political aspects of the international trade process. Learn More >

Leadership Development Certificate
Targeted to future leaders in the Gen Y generation, this certificate provides practical how-to information on advancing your leadership potential and making a difference in both the workplace and in society. Find out what it takes to become an effective leader and discover your style of leadership while covering topics such as: task completion, building relationships with your subordinates, becoming socially perceptive to changes in the workplace, utilizing your emotions in a positive and effective manner, and addressing challenging goals. Learn More >

Legal Secretary Certificate
This intensive program is designed for both beginning and experienced secretaries who are interested in improving their skills and working more efficiently within the law office. Students will study such topics as: legal terminology; legal process; jurisdiction and venue; ethics; written communications including letters, pleadings, discovery, notices and motions; filing procedures, billing and accounting; time management; records management; an overview of commonly used word and data processing programs; legal research; memoranda preparation, and citation format. Learn More >

Management Certificate
Enhance your management skills through this program for supervisors, managers, and emerging leaders. Nothing creates success like a solid foundation. Discover the keys for effectively managing your employees. Find out how to create clear expectations, engage and motivate employees, and increase your effectiveness. Then learn how to improve your time management and increase productivity. Finally, get the keys to lead and manage different generations in the workplace. Discover what motivates each generation at work, incentives they respond to, and messages they value. Learn More >

Managing Social Media Platforms Certificate
Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook link millions of companies and organizations with their customers and clients. Come away with both an understanding of these social networks and practical, how-to techniques to integrate social networks into your business. The instructors are outstanding practitioners who speak, write, and train others on social networks. Learn More> 

Mobile Marketing Certificate
The way consumers are interacting with brands and connecting to the world is changing because of mobile devices. Find out about location-based marketing, mobile payments, QR codes, applications, and mobile coupons. You will learn how mobile marketing can increase your capabilities to retain current customers and gain new ones. Get step-by-step instructions on how non-technical users can build, deploy, and market smartphone applications across Android, iPhone, and Blackberry platforms. Finally, get the knowledge needed to implement a mobile marketing plan for your organization. Learn More >

Nonprofit Management Certificate
This online certificate program introduces learners to key management issues for nonprofit organizations. Fundraising, board and volunteer development, budgeting, reading financial statements, leadership, marketing, and setting strategic direction will all be addressed. Video commentary on these crucial topics will give you insight into how nonprofit professionals apply key concepts in their own organizations.Each course offers an assortment of interactive exercises, videos, selected readings, case studies, and self-assessments that will engage and help you practice effective decision making in a nonprofit setting. The courses have no textbooks or prerequisites. Learn More >

Online Executive Certificate in Financial Planning
Over the last three years, financial advisors who are a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM have reported an increase in gross earnings of $20,000-$40,000 in the year following their CFP certification. More than 95 percent of them report feeling satisfied or very satisfied with their careers.The Online Executive Certificate in Financial Planning program is an independent, self-study, online education program, designed to fulfill the education requirement to sit for the CFP Certification Examination. The program is designed to be completed in nine months but may be completed in more or less time, depending on a student's schedule. Learn More >

Online Teaching Certificate
For those new to teaching online, or those already teaching online. Get the best instruction from the foremost authorities in online learning. Thousands of people have taken this fundamental yet advanced training in teaching online.From building an online course to improving an online course, from fostering online discussion to encouraging student interaction, from traditional assessment to online tests, the program will give you both the fundamentals of teaching online, as well as the most advanced tips and techniques in the business. Your instructors are authors, speakers and consultants in online learning and teaching. Learn More >

Paralegal Certificate
Have you thought about becoming a paralegal but feel that you don't have the time to go back to school? Did you know that the paralegal profession within California is expected grow faster than average when compared to rest of the United States with a 16.7% growth rate in San Joaquin County alone expected from 2008 - 2018? Gain the knowledge you need to break into this highly competitive field!University College is proud to announce a new partnership with The Center for Legal Studies to provide two programs in Paralegal Studies that can be taken completely online! Learn More >

Presentation Media Certificate
Presentation media are keys to communication, sales, speeches and any other effective presentations today. Find out how to use Prezi, the new slide software that goes beyond one-dimensional presentations, and the finer points of Photoshop for presentations. Then discover the design elements to create visual presentations for success using any media. You will come away with the latest, most advanced practical and design knowledge in presentation media. Learn More >

Social Media for Business Certificate
Get in on this exciting and growing way to communicate, market and serve your customers and clients. For businesses, nonprofits, government, and other organizations. From Facebook to Twitter, blogging, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more, discover the new principles of communication that apply across all networks and how these specific social networks work and the possible uses for your organization.Learn how social networks are used to develop a two-way communication and marketing strategy for your organization. Then find out what you can be doing, what you should be doing, and take back a plan to integrate social networks into your communication and marketing. Learn More >

Software Essentials for the Law Office Certificate
This dynamic course is designed for legal professionals interested in improving their skills and knowledge of commonly used computer technology and programs within the law office. Course topics include: computer operating systems and peripheral devices; time tracking and billing software; database, case management and docket control software; litigation support software; electronic discovery, and trial presentation and graphics software.Hands on exercises will prepare students to work with popular programs such as MS PowerPoint, Practice Master's Tabs 3, AbacusLaw, Summation iBlaze, Trial Director and LexisNexis Casemap & TimeMap, as well as understand the common functions and purposes of similar programs. Learn More >

Substance Abuse Counselor Certificate
The Substance Abuse Counselor Certificate Program is designed to help individuals acquire the skills and certification necessary to counsel those who suffer from the effects of substance abuse. The program meets the educational and training requirements established according to regulations from the State of California, Department of Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Programs. It was developed by University College in conjunction with professionals and experts in the field of substance abuse. Participants completing this program will be prepared to apply for certification from CCAPP. Resources may be provided to assist students in locating counseling internships and counselor positions. Learn More >

Supervisory and Leadership Certificate
Your employees are your most valuable resources. Ensuring the efficiency of your team is the key to your success and is your most important responsibility. Get practical, easy to understand, and insightful methods for new and even experienced supervisors and managers.Learn about effective delegation, performance management, and writing performance reviews. Discuss the specifics of the supervisor's role and responsibilities, and strategies for improving your overall effectiveness as a leader. Learn More >

Teaching Adults Certificate
This is your invitation to teach others in-person and join in one of the more important functions in life - passing on knowledge and skills to others. It is both an opportunity and a responsibility. Whether you want to teach others or currently teach others, in any setting, either formally or informally, this course is for you. We will give you both the fundamental and advanced information to improve your teaching. Your lead instructor is author of How to Teach Adults, the best-selling book on the subject. The ebook version is included in the course. Learn More >

Video Marketing Certificate
Video marketing is the hottest new trend. Shoppers who viewed product videos were 144% more likely to add the product to their cart. Video with a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a 53% higher chance of showing up on page one of Google searches. When done correctly, video can tell a story and stories connect people. Video also leads to an emotional trigger that plain text cannot accomplish. Learn More >

Workplace Communication Certificate
Good communication in the workplace is more important than ever and critical to successful career advancement. Take back a workable conflict management model, along with successful and practical conflict management strategies. Then work with a pro to learn how to improve your negotiation skills for a win-win outcome, including helping others to get what they want, so you get what you want. Finally, find out more about yourself and others using personality profiles for better work performance. You will be learning from some of our more popular instructors, and taking away new how-to skills that work. Learn More >