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Educational Technology Journals

This site attempts to provide a starting point for discussion about e-learning, blended learning, educational technology and pedagogy. Nothing in this site is meant to be taken as definitive, and as with all areas in the Academy, the field is growing and changing. Below are links to a variety of journals that publish research about educational technology and blended in online learning.

Educational technology journals - A list of journals in the field of instructional technology with links to the journal websites, annotated descriptions of the topics each journal covers, along with details about article link and review processes for anyone interested in submitting research.

Fulltext journals available through the University of the Pacific library - A Google doc with a list of journals focusing on educational technology that display fulltext PDFs or HTML files to faculty, staff, and students of the University of the Pacific. A link is provided for each journal to a library resource page where you can access individual journal articles or search within the publication. Embargoed information is also provided as some journals withhold the full text articles until 12 to 18 months after the initial publication date.

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