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    Office of Admission
    Knoles Hall 1st Floor

    3601 Pacific Avenue
    Office of Admission
    Stockton, California 95211

    Pacific Admission Counseling Staff

    Undergraduate Programs | Graduate Programs | Doctor of Pharmacy 

    Dr. Arnaldo Rodriguez, Interim Assistant Vice Provost and Director of Admission

    Dr. Arnaldo Rodriguez (
    Interim Assistant Vice Provost and Director of Admission



    Kathleen Crisp, Enrollment Services Counselor

    Kathleen Crisp (
    Assistant Director of Admission 



    Susan Gault

    Susan Gault (
    Assistant Director of Admission 




    Channon Rosencrans, Assistant Director of Admission

    Channon Rosencrans (
    Assistant Director of Admission 

    Keith Sanpei, Assistant Director of Admission

    Keith Sanpei (
    Assistant Director of Admission


    Katie Uhlhorn, Assistant Director of Admission

    Katie Uhlhorn (
    Assistant Director of Admission


    Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D.)

    Veronica Semler, Enrollment Services Counselor

    Veronica Semler (
    Director of Admissions, Pharmacy

    Program Focus:
    Professional Pharmacy Students, Domestic and International (Pharm D.)

    Graduate Programs

    Want to learn more about graduate and professional programs at University of the Pacific?  By completing our graduate inquiry form, your name will be added to our mailing list to receive email communications and notifications for upcoming Pacific events in your area. You may also contact the Office of Graduate Admission using the information below.

    Office of Graduate Admission
    University of the Pacific 
    Knoles Hall 2nd Floor, Room 207B
    3601 Pacific Avenue
    Stockton, CA 95211-0110