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    Pharm D. Pharmacy Pre-Requisites Checklist

    The Pre-Requisites Checklist is used to determine if all pre-requisite requirements for the professional pharmacy program have been met. This is a required part of the Supplemental Application and should be submitted electronically.

    Please complete the checklist by listing the pre-requisite courses you have completed or plan to complete which fulfill our pre-requisites. To determine if a course you have taken is equivalent, please use our list of Articulation Agreements /Course Equivalencies of over 200 select colleges and universities . If you are unsure whether a course fulfills a requirement, please list the course and the admission staff will evaluate it for you when your pre-requisite checklist is performed.

    (Please do not call the admission office to determine if you have met all requirements. We will notify you in writing if you are missing a requirement.)

    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Checklist:

    1. If the lab is included with the lecture, how do I reflect that?

    Answer: Please type in "N/A" on the form.  The Admission Staff will verify all courses listed and will know if the lab was part of your course or whether you have taken all courses required in your school's sequence.

    2. What if I repeated a course at a different institution?

     When you are submitting the electronic supplemental application, please list all the course information for the FIRST course you completed.   Answer "yes" to the question, "Have you repeated this course?" and list the repeated grade in the box provided. The Admission Office staff will locate the repeated course information when we review your application.

    4. What do I list for Liberal Arts?

    Answer: Liberal Art units are courses which are not math or science based. Some departments that offer Liberal Art Units are: Ethnic Studies, Art, Music, Philosophy, History, English, Economics, Religious Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Drama, Political Science, Communications, Languages, English, etc.

    5. May I list a more advanced course to fulfill a pre-requisite if I earned a better grade?

    Answer: No, in all cases, you must list the first course you completed that fulfills a pre-requisite. We will note you took higher level courses when we review your application.

     The checklist is submitted as part of the supplemental application.  

    You can download a sample checklist for reference.

    The checklist for Fall 2018 term can be downloaded here: Prerequisite Checklist

    Important Note: If you do not need all the forms provided to list your requirements, please list N/A in the Department Name and Course Number field and this will allow you to submit your application. For example, if you attend a semester school that includes labs with the lectures, you will only need two of the six spaces provided.  After completing the two required, you should list N/A in the four other areas.