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Applying to the Professional Pharmacy (Pharm D.) Program

The Electronic Supplemental Application For Fall 2017 is now OPEN!

The University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences participates in an online application program known as PharmCAS.  All students must apply through PharmCAS and concurrently complete the Supplemental Application for Pacific. Both applications are REQUIRED and you should not wait for Pacific to notify you that the supplemental needs to be completed. You will miss the deadline if you do not submit both applications by December 1st. The application instructions (complete with sample forms) can be viewed by downloading the PDF version of the supplemental application below.

The Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers "Early Decision" (ED) status through PharmCAS. The Early Decision program is a binding option for applicants who have decided that Pacific's degree program is their first choice and they will enroll if accepted. As an Early Decision applicant to Pacific, you can apply to our pharmacy degree program. The Early Decision application deadline is September 5, 2017. In addition to completing the PharmCAS application, you must arrange for PharmCAS to receive all of your official transcripts and fee by September 6th. If your application, transcripts, or fee arrive after the deadline, PharmCAS will automatically change your file from early decision status to regular status. You must also complete your supplemental application by September 6th. You may be offered early admission, denied admission, or deferred to regular applicant status. If you are offered admission as an Early Decision applicant, you are obligated to accept the offer and you will not be permitted to apply to other PharmCAS degree programs. If, however, you are denied admission as an Early Decision applicant, or rolled into regular admission, you may apply to other PharmCAS degree programs for an additional fee. Refer to the PharmCAS application fee schedule to determine the cost to apply to each additional program.

Please know that Early Decision status is not the same as being considered in Tier 1 review.  If you would like to be considered for Tier 1, but do not wish to be considered as an Early Decision candidate, please DO NOT APPLY as an Early Decision Candidate.  If your file is complete and meets the September 5th deadline, but you did not indicate early decision status on your PharmCAS application, you will be reviewed for Tier 1 regular admission. 

Please click here to  > READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before you begin the PharmCAS and Supplemental Application Process.  The instructions give pertinent information on what documents should be sent to PharmCAS and what documents should be sent to Pacific. Students are responsible for reading the instructions and submitting all required documents by the deadline date.

Choose "Graduate/Professional" from the drop down menu when creating an application! Then select "New Pharmacy" as the student type.

Please provide the same e-mail address on both the PharmCAS and Supplemental Applications to avoid delays in communications!

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available online at:

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The 2017 Electronic Supplemental Application is Open!  Be sure to provide the same e-mail address on both your PharmCAS and Supplemental Applications.

All applicants to the pharmacy school are informed that in order to qualify for consideration for clinical placements, he or she may be required to authorize the completion of a lawful criminal background check by signing authorization within ten days of an offer of admission.  All applicants are informed that he or she may also be required to self-report accurate information on criminal history.  Decisions as to final admission into the program and possible assignment to clinical placements may be based upon the information thereby obtained.  The cost of the criminal background check may be the responsibility of the student.


Please use the following links to access the following form when submitting updated information:

PharmCAS deadline date is December 1, 2016. If you missed this deadline and are still interested in applying, please contact Veronica Semler at 209-946-2211. 

IMPORTANT! All documents must be received by both PharmCAS and Pacific to be considered complete. PharmCAS applications must be received by December 1st.  We will continue to accept Supplemental and other supporting documents as time and space permit.  Please note in order to meet the deadline, PharmCAS must receive the application by 12:00 a.m. EST (that's 9:00 p.m. Pacific time) and all supplemental material must be postmarked by the posted Tier Deadline dates.

Pacific uses the date your items were received at PharmCAS and postmarked to Pacific to determine if your application was completed on time. Students will not be penalized for the processing time required by PharmCAS and Pacific.

PharmCAS will hold all applications until they are completed. It is your responsibility to make sure they receive all required documents no later than the final deadline date and by 12:00 midnight EST (9:00 p.m. PST) Students who have questions regarding the status of their PharmCAS application should contact PharmCAS directly at PharmCAS Hotline: 617-612-2050 (TTY Phone: 617-612-2060), Email, or the web site:

For further information about the Doctor of Pharmacy Admissions application process, e-mail us at: .