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    Completed Supplemental Application Checklist

    PharmCAS Items:

    • PharmCAS Web-based application form including essay
    • OFFICIAL U.S. transcripts from all ACCREDITED schools attended.  (Send through summer 2012 if available). If not, summer session and fall grades should be updated with PharmCAS after grades are posted.
    • TOEFL scores (if applicable)
    • PharmCAS application fee
    • PharmCAS recommendation rating forms.  We require one from a licensed pharmaicst who is not a relative and one from a professor from a school you have attended within the last 3 years.  If you have not attended ANY school in over three years, you may submit a rating form from you supervisor.  In all cases, the rating form is required!

    Supplemental application

    • $60.00 fee 
    • Supplemental application signed and dated
    • Supplemental Essay
    • Resume of Activities
      • all educational institutions attended 
      • all volunteer positions (health-care related or not)
      • all pharmacy work or volunteer experience
      • all leadership roles
      • all extra-curricular activities, including groups, clubs, organizations.
    • Pre-requisite Checklist
    • Educational Background Chart
      • listed all post secondary institutions attended during high school and after graduation from high school
      • accounted for each academic year of study beginning with the last year of high school or prior if you attended a college before high school graduation
      • there should be no gaps in time - if you were not enrolled at a school during an academic year, you need to list the activity you were involved in (work, job seeking, ill, etc)

    Other Information that may need to be sent to Pacific (see instructions)

    • High school transcripts (only required for students using physics or calculus completed in high school)
    • Copy of permanent resident card or latest correspondence with Immigration and Naturalization Service
    • Official AP test scores (required only if using for a pre-requisite)
    • Copy of Pharmacy Technical License (required only if you indicate on the supplemental that you have one)
    • Course descriptions are needed for all pre-requisite courses completed at an institution for which Pacific does not have an articulation agreement.
    • Official transcripts from unaccredited U.S. Institutions(including vocational and technical programs whether related to Pharmacy or not)
    • Official transcripts from institutions attended outside of the U.S. and official  translation if not in English
    • Catalog-Match-Evaluation (only required for international course work)

    International applicants must also supply the following information to Pacific.

    • Funding letter on official bank stationary
    • Copy of I-20 and I-94 forms (if currently in the U.S.)
    • Physical permanent international address

    You can also check your application status online .