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    How to Apply for Financial Aid as a Pharmacy Student

    1. Apply for Admission
    2. Get your PIN.
      Students (and parents) may request PINs now.
    3. File the FAFSA.
      Priority Date: February 15, 2013
      The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the basic application document for federal and state aid.

      If necessary, use estimated 2013 information to complete your FAFSA then check your figures after tax returns are filed and submit any necessary corrections.

      To have your FAFSA information sent to Pacific, enter school code 001329.

      If you file your FAFSA over the Internet and you (or your parents) don’t have a PIN, be sure to print, sign, and mail the signature page. All online filers should print and retain the confirmation page.

      You must be admitted before we will send you a financial aid award letter, but don’t wait until you have been admitted to file the FAFSA!
    4. Monitor your Pacific email address
      If additional documentation is needed to complete your file, you will be notified via your Pacific email address. Please ensure that you regularly check your email account to assure we have everything necessary to complete your packaging.