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    New Mexico State University Doña Ana CC

    Course Equivalents (Articulation Agreement) to the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences PharmD Program

    New Mexico State Univ Doña Ana Community College: 2013-2014

    Math and Science
    Online Science Courses Are Not Accepted for Science Requirements
    Required Courses Doña Ana Course Number
    Calculus MATH (191G)
    Physics with Lab PHYS (Lecture 211G; Lab 211GL)
    General Chemistry with Lab CHEM (111G, 112G) Labs Included
    Organic Chemistry with Lab NOT AVAILABLE
    General Biology with Lab NOT AVAILABLE
    Physiology with Lab {Requirement Pending Review}
    Microbiology BIOL (221) Lab Not Required
    Liberal Arts
    28 Semester Units of Liberal Arts Credit Required
    English Composition
    Minimum 6 Semester Units
    ENGL (111G) (112) (211G) (218G) Two Courses Required
    Public Speaking COMM (253G) Online Courses Are Not Accepted for This Requirement
    Economics ECON (201G) or (251G)
    Students With a Bachelors Degree Can Substitute: ECON (252G)
    Psychology PSY (201G)
    General Education Categories
    Students who have not completed a US Bachelor’s degree must complete one course in each of these categories.
    IC Global Studies-Minimum 3 Semester Units Cultural Anthropology, Eastern Politics, Intercultural Communication, European History, Classical Mythology
    IIB Worldviews and Ethics-Minimum 3 Semester Units History of Western Civilization, Intro to Phil, Political Phil, Religion, Biomedical Ethics
    IIC Visual and Performing Arts-Minimum 3 Semester Units Intro to Art, Intro to Theater, Music Appreciation, Film History, Photography, History of Theater, Applied Art