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    Valencia Community College

    Course Equivalents (Articulation Agreement) to the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences PharmD Program

    Valencia Community College FL: 2011-2012

    Math and Science
    Online Science Courses Are Not Accepted for Science Prerequisites
    Required Courses Valencia  Course Number
    Calculus MAC (2233) or (2311) or (2311H)
    Physics with Lab PHY (1007C) or (1053C) or (2048C) Lab Included
    General Chemistry with Lab CHM (1045C or 1045H, 1046C or 1046H) Labs Included
    Organic Chemistry with Lab CHM (2210C, 2211C) Labs Included
    General Biology with Lab BSC (1010C or 1010H, 1011C or 1011H) Labs Included
    Microbiology MCB (2010C) Lab not Required
    Liberal Arts
    28 Semester Units of Liberal Arts Credit Required
    English Composition
    Minimum 6 Semester Units
    ENC (1101 or 1101H) (1102 or 1102H) (1210) IDH (1110) (1111) Two Courses Required
    Public Speaking SPC (1608) or (1608H) Online Courses Are Not Accepted for This Requirement
    Economics ECO (1000) or (2013) or (2013H)
    Students With a Bachelors Degree Can Substitute: ECO (2023) or (2023H)
    Psychology CLP (2140) or PSY (1012) or (1012H)
    General Education Categories
    Students who have not completed a US Bachelor's degree must complete one course from each of these categories
    IC Global Studies-Minimum 3 Semester Units ANT 2000; GEA 1000; HUM 2310, 2310H, 2410, 2461; INR 2002, 2002H; SPC 1700
    IIB Worldviews and Ethics-Minimum 3 Semester Units EUH 2000, 2001; GEB 1138; HUM 1020, 1330, 2220, 2220H, 2223, 2223H, 2232, 2232H, 2234, 2234H, 2250, 2250H, 2454; PHI 2010; REL 2000
    IIC Visual and Performing Arts-Minimum 3 Semester Units ARH 1000, 2050, 2051, 2051H, 2500; ART 1201C, 1300C, 2330C, 2400C, 2500C, 2701C, 2750C; ENG 2100; FIL 2030; MUL 1010, 1017, 1110; MUT 1011, 1121; PGY 2401C; THE 1020, 1100; TPP 1110