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Quidditch Club

Quidditch is a fast-paced game based off of the flying-broomstick Harry Potter sport with the same name. In Muggle Quidditch, which is what we non-magical people play; there are four balls, seven players on each team and a whole lot of fun! Stop by our matches or follow us on Facebook, to keep up with this amazing community.

Contact Information

President - Mark Bacofer

Treasurer - Bri Prebilic Cole

2014 Roster

Cameron Gaal Micaela Robertson
Shelley Buford Ryan Schneider
Mark Bachofer Justin Danaher
Arjun Desai Jose Meza
Justin Muna Jacob MacMillan
Kyle Shepodd Jesus Salcido
Beata Meluch Bri Prebilic Cole

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Sport Clubs Graduate Assistant, Kelly Cartner by e-mail or phone 209.932.2917.