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Meet the Staff

A welcome message from our Multifaith Chaplain

As the Multifaith Chaplain at Pacific, I'd like to welcome you to Morris Chapel, Colliver Hall's Sacred Space, and to our offices at Sears Hall. My role, and the role of our staff here, is to help facilitate religious and spiritual life at Pacific in all its many forms. My title as "Multifaith" Chaplain signals that I am here to serve the needs of all students, no matter what your religious tradition or even whether or not you consider yourself religious, or spiritual. You should feel completely comfortable approaching me and our staff. We may not have all the answers, but we can hopefully point you in the right direction and work with you through some of your questions. We can also help you find people or groups who share your interests. Our hope is that in doing so you will find a level of fulfillment, understanding, and perhaps meet other people who you can journey with in the questions of life.

Morris Chapel and Sears Hall, along with our designated 'Sacred Space' room in Colliver Hall (beside Morris Chapel), together make up the hub of Religious and Spiritual Life on campus. If you have not yet visited us, please stop by anytime. The chapel is open most weekdays for prayer, meditation, and reflection (8am-8pm), and Colliver Hall's Sacred Space can be acessed by your student card (please talk to us for details). Further, we have a large meeting room, Sears 114, available for meetings and social events.

Please take some time to look around our web pages and see for yourself what we have to offer and who we are as staff (see below). If there is anything you cannot find, or you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office. Again, we are here to serve you. Our aim is to enrich your larger educational goals and experiences at Pacific.

Dr. Joel N. Lohr
University Multifaith Chaplain
Director, Religious and Spiritual Life

  • Meet the Staff 


    Dr. Joel N. Lohr is originally from Canada. His MA and PhD are in Religion and
    Theology from the University of Durham in England, and prior to his appointment
    at Pacific he was a SSHRC postdoctoral fellow and visiting scholar at the University
    of Toronto. His areas of interest and expertise are Jewish-Christian Dialogue and
    the Bible, and he is the author or editor of a number of books (see below). He is
    passionate about religious diversity and dialogue and is deeply committed to
    whole person development, particularly as part of higher education. He is married
    to Teresa with a young daughter and they live in Stockton.

    For more information on Dr. Lohr, see his CV and books.

    Dyan Hollenhorst is the Catholic Chaplain and works directly with the Newman
    Catholic Community on campus to provide services, events, and retreats for
    students. Dyan was one of the members of Pacific's 2012 delegation at the
    Interfaith Youth Core's Interfaith Leadership Institute.

    Jan Wammack is the Wedding and Events Coordinator for Morris Chapel. Jan
    oversees all the events booked in the chapel, including: weddings, memorials,
    baptisms, quinceañeras, student events, and weekly services.

    Zarghona Fazli is the Religious Student Advisor for the Muslim Student Association,
    and works closely with her colleagues in the Department of Religious and Spiritual
    Life to create spaces that are welcoming and accepting to the Pacific Community. 
    You can see Zarghona's impact in the continuous updating of Sacred Space in 
    Colliver Hall, and in the various events and programs put on by the Muslim Student  
    Association. Zarghona graduated from the University of the Pacific with a degree in
    Chemistry in 2013.


    Ellen Dettman is a student worker in the Department of Religious and Spiritual Life,
    and assists with a variety of administrative tasks.  Ellen is a member of the Class of
    2017, pursuing a degree in Education.

    Michael McCormack is a student worker in the Department of Religious and Spiritual 
    Life, and assists with a variety of administrative tasks. Michael also works as a sound 
    technician for weddings and other events. He is a member of the class of 2014, 
    receiving his degree in Sports Medicine.

  • Our Locations 

    The Religious and Spiritual Life offices are located on the first and second floors of Sears Hall, which is attached to Morris Chapel (see map below).

    Sacred Space is located on the first floor of Colliver Hall, which is on the southwest part of the building.


  • Mission, Vision, and Assessment 

    Our mission is to support the spiritual and religious lives of members of the Pacific community and to provide opportunities for students to explore and develop skills in engaging the variety of religious traditions.

    Our vision is to have stronger cross-campus and community partnerships, to increase campus religious literacy, to contribute positively to whole-student learning, and to contribute to intercultural development, ethical reasoning, and critical thinking.

    Click here to view our student learning outcomes and assessment.