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Pacific's Latino Outreach Program has numerous programs available to better serve both the Pacific Latino community as well as the broader community.

  • College Life - A program organized by LULAC and Los Embajadores to give Latino students an idea of what their college experience will be like.
  • University Jumpstart - A yearlong program for migrant adolescents and families. The program includes academic enrichment, college readiness, and parent and family education and other activities.
  • White Roses - An after-school program put on by the multi-cultural sorority Gamma Alpha Omega, aimed at helping young girls who are at-risk of dropping out of high school.
  • Pacific Academia de Matemátics (PAM)For the past four years, PAM has provided rigorous mathematics instruction to migrant learners in the 7th through 10th grades. The Academy focuses on college readiness and teaches students and parents about academic opportunities and support systems that foster educational success.
  • Migrant Mentor-Tutor Afterschool Program - A 30-week tutoring and mentoring program intended to improve migrant students' math skills, reading comprehension, raise their self-esteem and increase self-confidence.