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Summer Success and Leadership Academy
Ty-Licia Hooker and/or Michael Tubbs
Tel: 209.845.7752
Fax: 209.946.2278
3601 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95211

History and Program Overview

Michael Tubbs and Ty-Licia Hooker knew they had to do something to reach out to underserved youth in Stockton after an impetuous amount of violence hit the city in May 2010. After discussing the difficult, dangerous and often hopeless terrain for economically disadvantaged minority high school students in Stockton, coupled with the inaction of city leaders the Summer Success and Leadership Academy (SSLA) was created. The Summer Success and Leadership Academy was born out of the belief that, if given the right resources and opportunities, "at-risk" youth can actively be the change we all seek in our community. 

SSLA consists of 50 participants that represent the City of Stockton. To apply, students must be entering 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade (unfortunately, graduating seniors are not eligible to apply.) This is a free, residential program hosted on the University of the Pacific's campus, where participants will be provided mentors who are college-students, workshops about academic success, social justice, leadership and the college admissions process. Many of the workshops used different media forms to discuss issues all across urban America. The program also has a Distinguished Speaker series where many community members and leaders spoke with the participants.

The cornerstone of the Summer Success and Leadership Academy is the creation of the "Community Action Plan" by students upon their completion in the program.  This plan allows them to put all the lessons they have learned in the academy into action, and empowers them to be the solution to many of the issues that plague their community.  After much scholarly research and analyzing issues, the 2011 Participants, formed six community action plans. These actions plans include, a bullying prevention campaign, saving music programs, a literacy campaign, gang prevention, homeless youth and an after school tutoring service for elementary students.