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UDC Subcommittee Student Recruitment and Retention

The mission of the University Diversity subcommittee on Enrollment and Retention is to provide an ongoing platform of internal review of student recruitment and retention in order to develop recommendations and mobilize support for specific actions by the University, as to increase the under-represented populations by identifying our strengths, best practices, and long-term goals that enhance Pacific Rising.


  1. To increase early outreach contacts made with targeted students (early outreach)
  2. To increase the number of admissions applications from targeted students (applications)
  3. To increase the number of targeted students accepted in to the University (acceptance)
  4. To increase the admissions yield of targeted students (yield)
  5. To increase the retention of targeted students (retention)

In efforts to meet our goals, this year we will be collaborating with the African American Recruitment and Retention committee and the Latino/a Outreach Coordinator to study public system of K-11 outreach actions, develop a survey of Early Outreach actions taken by each academic unit, study best practices models, study academic performance of targeted groups, study distribution of financial aid award, and monitor students retention rates by cohort.

We will be meeting this Thursday, September 23 from 2:00-3:00

in the Benerd School of Education office 110D

For more information, please contact: 

Gaby Satvaldiyev at 209.946.2677

Allison Dumas at 209.946.2439