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Women’s Resource Center Outreach Coordinator

Position Title: Women's Resource Center Outreach Coordinator (WCOC)

Position Description:

The primary purpose of the WCOC position is to ensure the Women's Resource Center (WC) advances social justice in regards to gender equity at Pacific and beyond. In partnership with students, faculty, staff, and guests, the WCOC will:

  • Coordinate three monthly programs per semester with emphasis on women-centered initiatives during and in relation to the cultural heritage months (if a month is not themed, the programming should reflect a current women's issue);
  • Responsible for managing the WC programming budget ($500 per semester) in consultation with the Multicultural Affairs Program Coordinator;
  • Remain current on local, national, and international issues that are currently affecting women and propose how the WC and other partners can assist in raising awareness;
  • Maintain a book and video library that caters to women and gender issues including but not limited to physical and psychological health, sexual issues, discrimination, career, family, etc;
  • Mentor 2-3 WC Interns;
  • Survey WC guests to ensure the WC is adequately serving the Pacific community on a semester basis;
  • Maintain the WC email and Facebook accounts;
  • Maintain a positive working relationship with groups affiliated with the WC (i.e. Gender Studies, Pacific Feminists, etc.);
  • Involve WC interns in the development process of WC initiatives;
  • Maintain aesthetic upkeep and furnishings of the WC;
  • Serve as a student liaison to the Women's Resource Center Advisory Board;
  • Schedule at least six hours per week in the Women's Resource Center and additional required hours at Multicultural Center Information Desk;
  • Build strong interpersonal relationships with WC guests;
  • Attend all Multicultural Affairs meetings, trainings, in-services;
  • Report administrative issues, including but not limited to WC hours, WC facility matters, and payroll matters, to the Multicultural Affairs Administrative Assistant II;
  • Report and submit biweekly reports to and attend bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with the Multicultural Affairs Program Coordinator.

Students interested in the position should contact Multicultural Affairs via phone at 209.946.7707 or send an email to