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Report an Emergency - 209.946.3911 (63911 from University phones) 
University Emergency Website - During an emergency, this site will provide up-to-date information
Register for PacificCONNECT - Pacific's emergency messaging system for students and employees

In the event of an earthquake:

  1. Crouch down near a heavy piece of furniture or stand between a doorway. Do not crawl under and furniture.

  2. Leave the building calmly and quietly.

  3. Do not turn on any electrical equipment due to potential gas leaks and avoid touching electrical wires.

  4. If you are able to get outside, get into the open. Move away from the building. Look out for falling objects. Keep roadways and walkways clear. Move to your assembly point and assist people with disabilities to safety.

  5. Follow instructions of emergency personnel.

  6. Take a roll call and wait until Public Safety or a Building Team Leader notifies you that it is clear to enter the building.