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Care and Support

Survivors of sexual assault are not alone. There are many resources available both on- and off-campus to assist anyone suffering a trauma.

Whether you're seeking information on how to help a friend or for yourself, we encourage you to contact one of the on- or off-campus organizations listed here. These resources offer trained professionals who are available to guide you through the reporting process, seek medical attention, or find ongoing counseling and support. 

Medical providers are mandated to inform police if a patient tells personnel he/she has experienced sexual assault. However, a survivor has the right to request a victim advocate and not pursue a criminal charge at that time

On-Campus Care and Support

Department of Public Safety - 209.946.3911 (emergency line)
Available as a first option to report a crime. Also provides an escort service on-campus (STRIPE) to any student. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cowell Wellness Center - 209.946.2315
Provides medical care and confidential supportive counseling and psychological services.

Confidential Victim Advocate - 209.403.0250
Victim Advocate is a trained professional available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss an incident of sexual assault in a confidential, private setting, to help a victim decide which reporting options are best, and to make referrals to the appropriate support services.

Religious and Spiritual Life - 209.946.2538
Provides confidential ongoing pastoral and spiritual care.

Housing and Greek Life/RD on Duty - 209.946.2331
Available on weekdays during regular office hours, the Office can provide reasonable accommodations for housing. You can also reach the Residence Director on Duty 24 hours a day by calling RD Duty phone at (209) 401-9854.

Title IX Coordinator - 209.946.2889
Available on weekdays during regular office hours to coordinate a fair and equitable response to reports of sexual misconduct.

Off-Campus Care and Support

San Joaquin County General Hospital - 209.468.6000 
Provides medical treatment and forensic exams.

Women's Center: Youth and Family Services (Sexual Assault) - 209.465.4997
Provides a wide range of services to community members affected directly by sexual abuse and to those close to them, including crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, advocacy, accompaniment, and referral services. In addition, they offer a variety of educational and training programs about personal safety and prevention.

Stockton Police Department - 209.937.7911
Available if you would like to file a report with the police.

Sexual Assault Hotlines

RAINN - 800.656.HOPE (800.656.4637)
A confidential national sexual assault hotline.

Sexual Assault Helpline: 209.465.4997
A confidential 24-hour crisis line.