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Writing Resumes and Cover Letters


Your resume is your chance to make a positive first impression on future employers and graduate school admissions committees. Whether you are applying for a full-time, part-time, on-campus or internship position, or if you are applying to a graduate school program, it is critical that your resume catches the reader's attention and showcases your skills effectively.  Check out the  Resume Writing Handbook to learn more about creating a resume.

If you are a first year student and have never written a resume, you may want to start with the First Year Student Resume Template.

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A cover letter is a professional letter that allows you the opportunity to introduce yourself to an employer and express your interest in a position or an organization.  You should always send a cover letter when applying for a position, even if the employer does not request one in the job description.  Some employers will not review your resume if you do not include a cover letter.  The cover letter handbook below includes more specific guidelines about what to include in a cover letter as well as some samples for you to reference.

Resume and Cover Letter Reviews

The Career Resource Center offers individual appointments for students and alumni for resume and cover letter reviews.  This is a chance to receive feedback on the content and format of your resume and cover letter from a professional who knows what employers look for when recruiting.  Before applying for a position using  Tiger Jobs, your resume must be reviewed and approved by the Career Resource Center.