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Personal Care Attendant Guidelines

Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Role in Classroom

The PCA is in attendance solely for mobility issues related to the student. The PCA will follow all instructions related to classroom management example outlined by the instructor (i.e. noise control, seating arrangements, and emergency evacuation).The PCA will not participate in the learning process or provide verbal or non-verbal feedback on learning material to the student, other classmates or instructor (i.e. raising hand to answer questions, speaking out, commenting to other students, approving or disapproving gestures).

The PCA will not act as an assistant to the instructor or other students (i.e. sharing texts with other students, proctoring for exams, running errands).

Student Communication with Instructor

The student with a disability is responsible for all communication with instructors and other students. The PCA may not speak for the student with a disability, clarify information, make requests, or ask questions of the instructor or other students at any time during or after the class.

Student Mobility in Classroom

The student with a disability is responsible to instruct the PCA in what materials they need and when they need to use them. This should be done prior to class and if needed, during class, and done in a quiet manner so as not to disrupt the classroom environment.

In-Class Note-Taker

Students with dexterity impairments qualify for an in-class student note-taker who will make a copy of their notes for the student with a disability. The PCA is not required to take notes and will not be provided with clarification for lecture notes or additional information from the instructor or other students regarding class notes.

Taping Lectures

Students with a disability may request the PCA to tape the lecture, to listen to at a later time in order to cover all course information.

Tests and In Class Exams

The PCA may not scribe or work as a reader for tests or class exams for the student. With 72-hours notice, SSD will arrange for a proctor to scribe or read exams in an appropriate setting on campus. The PCA should wait outside the testing environment for any mobility issues that are requested by the student.

Discussion Groups

The student will determine what mobility assistance is required during group discussions or projects and advise the PCA accordingly.

Instructor, Student, PCA Concerns Related to PCA Role

All concerns, questions or disagreements regarding the role of the PCA in theclassroom will be discussed with the Coordinator of Services for Students withDisabilities as soon as possible to ensure a timely resolution.

Both the student and the personal care attendant abide by these guidelines and must sign Acrobat file Personal Care Attendant Guidelines.