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Wellness in the Workplace

Love your Lunch! Volume 1 Issue 1

Learn about healthy lunch options; whether packing lunch or eating out, get ideas on how to give your lunchbox a makeover! Find out how to increase the healthy and decrease your waistband!

Green is the new Yummy! Volume 1 Issue 2

Want to eat Green? Want to learn how? Get tips on sustainability and the importance of eating locally! Support your community and your taste buds by making a tasty fall recipe or by visiting your local farmers market. Also get tips on how to avoid the Halloween Candy Hangover!

Healthy Holidays to You! Volume 1 Issue 3

Nothing like receiving some extra weight during the holiday's right? Wrong! Learn how to avoid the extended waistline by reading the Healthy Recipe Substitutions article and catch tips on how to make healthy decisions while enjoying the savory, seasonal dishes we all love!

The Sweet Debate! Volume 1 Issue 4

Is one really better than the other? Find out in this article filled with facts about safety, taste and science. Get informed so you can make a decision! Not only that but discover flavorful recipes and facts about falling...it's no joke!

New Year, New You! Volume 1 Issue 5

Read all about how to make healthy changes this upcoming year! From sunflower oil to a low fat 7-layer dip, start your new year off right by making small changes that produce huge results!

Thanked your Heart lately? Volume 1 Issue 6

Not many of us do, but that can change! Get advice on how to make your heart happy by making small changes to diet and lifestyle! Isn't your heart worth it?

New Year, New You! Volume 2 Issue 1

Read all about how to make healthy changes this upcoming year! From sunflower oil to a low fat 7-layer dip, start your new year off right by making small changes that produce huge results!

Thanked your Heart lately? Volume 2 Issue 2

Not many of us do, but that can change! Get advice on how to make your heart happy by making small changes to diet and lifestyle! Isn't your heart worth it?

What'SUPP with NUTRITION? Volume 2 Issue 3

The supplement industry is huge! Learn about the vitamins and minerals you take or are thinking about taking and how they should SUPPLEMENT, not replace a healthy diet. March is Nutrition month and the perfect time to get on track, the HEALTHY track!

Boost your Mood Volume 2 Issue 4

Feeling blue? Find out how to feel 100% better fast! Whether it's a positive friend and some coffee or rocking out to some tunes, you CAN do something about the blues. Does food make you happy? Learn how to reduce the sweets and turn to a healthy alternative

Healthy BBQs and Menu Mishaps! Volume 2 Issue 5

Get the skinny on healthy BBQs and what you can do to make them deliciously healthy! Want to go out for a meal? Learn what not to order off the menu and what you can make at home that would be just as delicious!

Feeling HOT! HOT! HOT! Volume 2 Issue 6

Wondering how to spice up your life? How about your food? Learn about spices used around the world to transform any meal into a spicy delight! Too hot or spicy? Learn how to stay hydrated during summertime and dinnertime! Top it all off with some great book suggestions!

Strong Bones at Any Age! Volume 2 Issue 7

Learn some way to increase bone strength to reduce your chance of a fracture! Also, why not learn how to get moving and how to increase calcium intake through two delicious recipes! Why pass up good information? Take a look!

Breakfast is your Best Friend! Volume 2 Issue 8

Always on the run and have no time for breakfast? Find out how to build a great breakfast and how to find time for it! It's super important so we're throwing in a couple of recipes and the Route to Relaxation. Why? Because you're worth it!

What's Your Number? Volume 2 Issue 9

Cholesterol, good and bad, is super important and we believe you should know your number and learn how your lifestyle plays a big role. Speaking of playing a role, it's football season and you know what that means? Food! Take advantage of two healthy recipes for tailgate fun!

Think Pink and Orange! Volume 2 Issue 10

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Halloween. Think Pink and learn how to do all you can to lower your risk of breast cancer and the risk of other wonderful people in your life. Think Orange and learn how to cross over the dark side...of chocolate and many more healthy Halloween tips!

Healthy Holidays!!! Volume 2 Issue 11

Get low cost and low fat Holiday tips for this season. From making your own stuffing and gravy to portion control and baking substitutes, learn how to make the season "merry and light"!

The Weight Rollercoaster! Volume 3 Issue 1

What's up with all these diets? Read NutriCat's reviews of the new diet trends and learn how to lose weight the healthy way. Get information on Omega 3's and how they influence your body.

New Dietary Guidelines for 2011 Volume 3 Issue 2

Read all about the USDA's dietary guidelines and see how they stack up to your guidelines today. Learn about the power plate idea and how small changes make a big impact. Also included are some recipes for Valentine's Day!

Somewhere Over the Nutritional RainbowVolume 3 Issue 3

March is National Nutrition Month and we're promoting 'Eat Right with Color'. Learn how each different color food has a different nutrient power! Take the NuitriCat's color challenge and do just that; challenge yourself to eat healthier! Check out the food list and recipes included!

More Metabolism, Please... Volume 3 Issue 4

Wonder why your metabolism is just not keeping up with your weight loss goal? Read about metabolism and what you can do to "boost" it...and what just doesn't work. There are various factors that contribute like diet and exercise. Check out some springtime recipes and find out how to jump start your metabolism the right way!

Getting UP to Work it Out! Volume 3 Issue 6

Is there really a better time to work out? YES! Learn when you should get up as well as the government's new food initiative: MyPlate!

Weight Loss vs. Weight Maintenance Volume 3 Issue 7

Losing weight is hard- keeping it off is harder! Here are some tips to keep the weight off and some yummy recipes for the sunny summer ahead!

A Little Fishy... Volume 3 Issue 8

This issue is all about FISH! Read ahead to learn more about which fish to stay away from and some delicious pesca-recipes!

Very Veggie! Volume 3 Version 9

Remember "accidentally" dropping your vegetables on the floor, so the dog would eat them? Well, here are some steps to making veggies seem less taboo!

Navigating the Spice Aisle Volume 3 Issue 10

Want to know the difference between a spice and an herb or what all those spices are used for? NutriCat discussed these topics and more in this issue of Wellness in the Workplace.

2012: Your Year of Health Volume 4 Issue 1

A New Year, means a new YOU! Here are some attainable goals to become a healthier you and some wonderful recipes to try this New Year!

Heart Health Volume 4 Issue 2

Valentine's Day brings hope of candy hearts and other sweets, but here are some yummy foods that are good for your heart as well as tasty recipes for the chocolate-lovers. 

Which Cereal is Best? Volume 4 Issue 6

Have trouble navigating the cereal aisle? NutriCat discusses her top choices.

Eat Smart to Keep your Brain Sharp Volume 4 Issue 7

NutriCat discusses how your diet helps brain function now and in the future. A delcious recipe for butternut squash and quinoa is offered.

Should You Go Organic? Volume 4 Issue 8

There is a lot of information in the media about organic not really being better for you. NutriCat debunks these theories and provides recipes for pumpkin hummus and cinnamon pumpkin muffins to kick of the fall season!

Surviving the Superbowl Volume 5 Issue 1

Don't toss out your New Year's resolutions at your Superbowl party! Nutri-Cat offers tips and recipes so you don't over-indulge.

Prevention Against Stroke Volume 5 Issue 2

In honor of National Heart Month, NutriCat lets you know all about stroke prevention. Learn about warning signs and the best heart healthy diet.

Less Salt, Healthier You Volume 5 Issue 3

March's issue focuses on ways to enjoy lower-salt cuisine, packed with cooking and dining tips. Enjoy a delicious, low-sodium recipe featuring Moroccan spices.

Help the Environment with a Better Diet! Volume 5 Issue 4

Our current food system is responsible for 1/3 of global greenhouse gas emissions. Do your part to decrease your carbon footprint by following NutriCat's straightforward tips. Recipes for fresh green bean and tomato salad and warm potato and arugula salad are included!