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Steffanie Cabrera

Steffanie Cabrera

Steffanie Cabrera, Student Insurance Specialist

I am happy to have joined the team at Pacific Health Services in June 2011.  I have over 15 years of experience in the medical billing industry with a wide range of knowledge from medical claim submission and processing, payments and disputes and years of customer service experience.  Prior to my employment with the University of the Pacific, I was managing a medical billing department which specialized in Occupational Health.  Under my management, I was a key player in transitioning our company into a total primary care facility. 

As a Student Insurance Specialist, I am here help assist students with their enrollment in the student health insurance plan with Anthem Blue Cross.  As well as helping students gain more knowledge and understanding about their coverage and claims issues.  During our waiver process, I'm here to help assist students with properly waiving out of the school insurance. 

I really enjoy working with people and love assisting in any way possible. 

Outside of work I really enjoy spending time with my children, as well as getting together with my family and friends.  I like thrift store shopping, sewing, reading and music.  I love life and find enjoyment in everything that I do.