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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

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Heather   Heather

Graduating: 2019
Major: Music Therapy
Involvements: Pacific Christian Fellowship, Professional Fraternity, Pacific Music Therapy Association
I chose Pacific because Pacific has an amazing music therapy program that, along with all other programs, involves hands on experience while still a student. Pacific offers many amazing, unique opportunities.
Jasmin  Jasmin

Graduating: 2019
Major: Business Administration-Marketing
Involvements: Center for Community Involvement and Professional Fraternity

I love Pacific because the small class sizes really help with getting your questions answered, and I've made a lot of great friends.
Jasmin Jasmin

Graduating: 2018
Major: Education
Involvements: SESA, a professional fraternity, and Social Sorority
I love Pacific because I feel at home and am always satisfied by whatever is thrown my way.
Jennifer Jennifer

Graduating: 2019
Major: Biological Sciences
 I love Pacific because, from the faculty members to the students, the people at University of the Pacific are one of the nicest most caring group of people you can ever meet!
Jillian Jillian

Graduating: 2019
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Involvements: Society of Women Engineers
I love Pacific because the small campus enabled me to make friends easily and keep in contact with them in addition to the fact that a smaller campus equates to smaller class sizes. Additionally, the co-op program through the School of Engineering and Computer Science means that I will walk out of university with hands-on experience and therefore be that much more competitive in the job market.  
Paw Print Joey

Graduating: 2019
Major: Communication
Involvements: ASUOP Arts and Entertainment, Rugby, KPAC Radio Manager, and Social Fraternity
I chose Pacific because I am legacy and I found that Pacific provided the exact learning environment that I needed to be successful in college and subsequently out of college.
Katie Katie

Graduating: 2018
Major: Education
Involvements: Social Sorority
I love Pacific because everyone is very friendly and there are so many opportunities to grow and learn from each other.
Katie Katie

Graduating: 2018
Major: Chemistry
Involvements: Newman Catholic Community
I chose Pacific because it was the perfect fit for me. They offer many resources to their current student & even to their alumni.
Katie Katie

Graduating: 2018
Major: Geological and Environmental Sciences and Spanish Language and Literature
Involvements: None
I love Pacific because of the contagiously kind atmosphere and all of the people who contribute to it!
Malcolm Malcolm

Graduating: 2018
Major: Political Science
Involvements: Legal Scholar, Professional Fraternity
 I love Pacific because for decades the university has provided quality educations and amazing opportunities for my family. The faculty, staff, and students at Pacific have made the campus a second home, and without that, my college experience would be exponentially less happy and memorable.
Maricela Maricela

Graduating: 2020
Major: Biochemistry
Involvements: Pre-Dental Society, STARs
I love Pacific because Pacific really supports and prepares it's students for their future and I know that I will be prepared to go into dentistry. There are endless opportunities to take advantage of at Pacific!   
Paw Print Max

Graduating: 2019
Major: Computer Science
Involvements: Society of Hispanic Engineers, Honors program, and Social Fraternity
I love Pacific because there are so many opportunities available here at Pacific. Pacific strives to create both a unique educational and social experience on campus. It truly feels like a second home to me and I miss it dearly whenever I'm back home.

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