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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

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Nasayaha Nasayha

Major: Business Administration
I chose Pacific because I value the close connection with my peers and professors. I love that my professors know who I am and are invested in helping me succeed.
Natalie Natalie

Graduating: 2019
Major: Speech Language Pathology
Involvements: Social Sorority, Stodent Conduct Board, and University Choir
I chose Pacific because of its great Speech Lanugage Pathology program, diverse campus opportunities, and beautiful atmosphere.
micaela Natasha

Graduating: 2017
Major: English and Gender Studies
Involvements: Service, Professional, and Social Fraternity, National Residence Hall Honorary, Assitant Residence Director, and  Humanities Scholar
I love Pacific because even after all this time, it still feels like home. Aside from that, Pacific has provided me with an immense amount of opportunities such as the ability to do both Model UN and Mock Trial at the same time or new ways to develop professionally in current and future careers.
Noelle Noelle

Graduating: 2017
Major: Music History
Involvements: Professional Fraternity and Social Sorority, Resident Assistant, Pacific Opera Theater, Orchestra, Powell Scholar

I love Pacific because everything is such a family like environment. From student organizations to academic programs, I feel supported in everything I do here!


Sirisha Sirisha

Graduating: 2019
Major: Biology
Involvements: None

I chose Pacific becuase I wanted to go to smaller school where there were plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus and academically. In addition to this, I choose to come to Pacific due to their fantastic Biology program.
Sonakshi Sonakshi

Graduating: 2017
Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Involvements: Pre-Pharmacy Organization
I love Pacific because it's beautiful and I always see a friendly face every time I step on campus. I also love how professor's often take time to get to know me and it really helps builds a solid foundation for the rest of my education here.
Sophia Sophia

Graduating: 2019
Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Involvements: Professional Fraternity
I chose Pacific because of the Pre-Pharmacy Program that has allowed me to come closer in striving for a future I will be satisfied with.
Paw Print Spencer

Graduating: 2019
Major: Business Administration 
Involvements: Club Soccer and Professional Fraternity
I chose Pacific becuase when I visited the campus everything felt right and I knew that Pacific is where I belong.
Paw Print Stephanie

Graduating: 2019
Major: Speech Language Pathology and Spanish
Involvements: Community Involvement Program, Mortar Board, CIPSA
I chose Pacific because I attended a small high school and wanted a similar atmosphere in college and Pacific is definitely a close-knit community. I also chose to attend Pacific because it has an amazing speech-language pathology program, which is what I'll be majoring in.
Stephanie Stephanie

Graduating: 2019
Major: Biology
Involvements: Service Fraternity
I chose Pacific because of the impression I had of Pacific. My sister attended Pacific and over the years I had many chances to visit. Ever since then it seemed like a place I could see myself learn and grow. Profile Day solidified my decision to attend Pacific because everyone was so welcoming and nice, just as my sister had mentioned to me.
Talia Talia

Graduating: 2018
Major: Speech-Language Pathology
Involvements: National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) and Social Sorority
I love Pacific because I love Pacific because of its tight-knit community. I love walking around campus and seeing familiar faces. There are people I will remember and people who will remember me, classes that teach beyond the test, and a uniqueness that just isn't found at a large school.
Teryn Teryn

Graduating: 2017
Major: Speech-Language Pathology
Involvements: Social Sorority, Panhellenic Council, and Baseball Operations
I love Pacific because it is a smaller school, which makes students instantly feel at home, and though Pacific advertises that Professors know your name, I was so pleasantly surprised at how much it helped me academically for my professors and advisor to really know who I was and what I struggled with. It is the perfect university for success both academically and socially, and I am so glad I chose Pacific. I can't picture myself anywhere else.
Vanessa Vanessa

Graduating: 2018
Major: Pre-Dentistry
Involvements: Pacific Christian Fellowship, Service Fraternity, Biology Research, and General Chemistry Workshop Leader and Test Grader                           
I chose Pacific because of its Pre-Dentistry Accelerated Program that allows students to obtain a bachelor's degree and D.D.S in as fast as six years.
Vivian Vivian

Graduating: 2018
Major: Engineering Management
Involvements: National Society of Leadership and Success, Social Sorority, and Math Academy Tutor
I love Pacific because  it's support system and resources are readily available and faculty, classmates, friends feel like family.
Yodit Yodit

Graduating: 2018
Major: Bioengineering
Involvements: National Society of Black Engineers and Social Sorority
I chose Pacific because I felt it was a place that I could grow not only as a student but also as a leader.
Yvonne Yvonne

Graduating: 2019
Major: Business and Political Science
Involvements: Center for Community Involvement and Vietnamese Student Association
I chose Pacific because I wasn't just looking for a university, I was looking for a place where I felt like I could grow and I felt like Pacific really offered that.
Zill Zill-E-Huma

Graduating: 2017
Major: Biology 
Involvements: Social fraternity, honors society, MSA, interfaith MSA, Pre-Dent Club, Social Sorority, NHLS
I chose Pacific because it was a small private school that has a strong biology department.