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Chemistry Course Placement Information

If it's your first semester at Pacific, a chemistry placement is required for majors in Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Pharmacy, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemistry-Biology, Environmental Science, Natural Science Exploratory or Physics. If you are an Engineering or Health and Exercise Science major a placement is strongly encouraged. No Student will be admitted to General Chemistry (CHEM 025) without an appropriate score on the placement exam. Plan ahead. Waiting until the last minute will cause delays in enrollment and may delay your degree requirements. Students are placed based upon two possible assessments:

· Score of 550 or above on the SAT Chemistry Subject Test, or

· Completing the Pacific Online Chemistry Placement Exam (see instructions at bottom of page)

Special Chemistry Information for Engineering majors only:

All engineering majors (*except computer science) who took high school chemistry should take the chemistry placement exam unless:

  • You earned at least a B grade in both semesters, or (**not applicable for Bio-Engineering Majors)
  • You earned at least a 2 on the Chemistry AP Exam, or
  • You earned a 550 or above on the SAT Chemistry Subject Test.


*The chemistry placement exam is optional for computer science majors although they are encouraged to complete the exam based on the above guidelines.

**Bio-Engineering Majors-All of the above is accepted for placement except for the B grade in both semesters of high school chemistry.

Testing Instructions:

For incoming students (Fall 2016): Please wait for upcoming instructions on how to test online.

For continuing students: The chemistry placement exam is currently in transition to Canvas. Until May 1, 2016, it is given on SAKAI. After May 1, there will be a period of time when the chemistry placement exam is unavailable.

The on-line chemistry placement exam may be completed at home by accessing Pacific's learning management system (SAKAI) on your computer. When you click on the SAKAI link listed below, you will be directed to the SAKAI log-in page. Please enter your PacificNet ID (i.e., jsmith1) and password. Upon logging into SAKAI, click on the "My Sites" button in the upper right-hand corner. You will see a link titled "2015 Chemistry Placement Exam." Select this link and you will be provided with instructions on taking the placement exam. Please follow all of the instructions listed. Click here to begin this process: http://sakai.pacific.edu

If you cannot find the SAKAI site/are not a member of the site, you may contact Prof. McCallum, mmccallum@pacific.edu in order to obtain access. Please note, SAKAI testing will be unavailable after May 1, 2016!

NOTE: The following browser requirements are needed for accessing Sakai: Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer, Netscape 7.1 or newer, Mozilla Firefox. Most computer browsers meet these requirements.