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Foreign Language Course Placement Information

If you wish to begin studying a new foreign language, you do not need to complete the placement exam.  However, if you wish to continue studying a foreign language in which you have had some instruction or experience, you must complete the appropriate foreign language placement exam in order to be registered for a foreign language course.

NOTE: The online foreign language placement exam is only used for placement purposes, and will not satisfy degree requirements. If you wish to test out of a foreign language, proctored paper/pencil tests are being offered at the beginning of the semester in WPC 151 by pre-registration.

The following students are required to complete a foreign language requirement:

·         B. A. degree students in College of the Pacific (equivalent of two semesters required)

·         Students wishing to qualify for Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society (equivalent of four semesters required)

·         Students wishing to study abroad (includes all School of International Studies majors)

Testing Instructions:

The on-line foreign language placement exams may be completed in the following foreign languages:  Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, and Russian.  They can be taken at home by accessing Pacific's learning management system (Canvas) on your computer.  When you click on the Canvas link listed below, you will be directed to the Canvas log-in page.  Please enter your PacificNet ID (i.e., jsmith1) and password.  Upon logging into Canvas, click on the "Courses" tab in the upper left-hand corner.  You will see individual links for each placement exam (i.e. 2015 Spanish Placement Exams).  Select the appropriate link for the placement exam needed and you will be provided with instructions on taking the placement exam.  Please follow all of the instructions listed. Click here to begin this process: Canvas


NOTE:  The following browser requirements are needed for accessing Canvas:  Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer, Netscape 7.1 or newer, Mozilla Firefox.  Most computer browsers meet these requirements.