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Placement Exam Information & Testing Dates

To ensure your proper and timely course placement, please complete all required placement testing by June 5, 2015. (The testing deadline has been changed from June 1st to June 5th)

  • For the math placement exams, you can come to the Stockton campus on one of the dates listed below (testing appointments are required), or you can take the test at an ACT COMPASS remote testing site in your area (see instructions at bottom of page).
  • For chemistry and foreign language, the exams are available online via SAKAI and can be taken from home.  
  • Transfer students who do not have a completed transferable course or standardized test (SAT) score in writing should take the Pacific's writing diagnostic exam on one of the dates listed below. To view Pacific's ROAR (Roam Online Articulation Reports) for articulated transfer courses from an approved institution, please click here.

Math placement exams are being offered on the Stockton Campus on the following dates by appointment only:

Thursday, May 21 (10am) (12pm) (2pm full) (3pm full)               

Friday, May 22 (12pm) (2pm) (3pm)               

Tuesday, May 26 (10am) (12pm) (2pm) (3pm)                         

Wednesday, May 27 (10am) (12pm) (2pm full) (3pm full)   

Thursday, May 28 (10am) (12pm) (2pm full) (3pm full)       

Friday, May 29 (10am) (12pm) (2pm) (3pm full)                      

Saturday, May 30 (10am full) (11am full)           

Monday, June 1 (8am) (9am) (10am) (11am) (12pm) (1pm) (2pm)         

Tuesday, June 2 (8am) (9am) (10am) (11am) (12pm) (1pm) (2pm)

Wednesday, June 3 (9am) (10am) (11am) (12pm) (1pm) (2pm full)

Thursday, June 4 (8am) (9am) (10am) (11am) (12pm) (1pm) (2pm)

Friday, June 5 (8am) (9am) (10am full) (11am)     

Saturday, June 6 (12:30pm)

Thursday, June 11 (2pm full)

Saturday, June 13 (12:30pm full)

Thursday, June 18 (2pm full)

Saturday, June 20 (12:30pm)

Thursday, July 23 (2pm full)

Saturday, July 25 (10am full)

Thursday, July 30 (1pm full) (2pm full) (3pm full)

Saturday, August 1 (12:30pm)

Thursday, August 6 (2pm)

Thursday, August 13 (2pm)

Saturday, August 15 (12:30pm)


Stockton Campus Appointments: Please email your name, Pacific student identification number, desired session date and time, and a contact phone number to placement@pacific.edu. You will then receive a confirmation email with your scheduled date, time and instructions. You may also call 209-946-2269 to schedule your appointment.

ACT COMPASS remote testing: If you would like to take your math placement exam at an ACT COMPASS remote testing site in your area, email your zip code to placement@pacific.edu. You will then receive an email with the nearest remote testing site to you and additonal instructions. 

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: If you are a student with a documented disability, who requires a reasonable accommodation, please contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities by calling (209) 946-2879 or email dnuss@pacific.edu.