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Writing Course Placement Information

An SAT Writing score of 510 and above, an ACT English/Writing score of 22 and above, a completed transferable course equivalent to a College Writing Course or a passing score on Pacific's Writing Diagnostic Exam (transfer students only) will fulfill the fundamental skills requirement in writing.  If you have not met this requirement, you will take at least one of the writing courses listed below. These courses are designed to provide you with support to succeed in college level writing. 

SAT Writing Score

ACT English/Writing Score

 TOEFL Writing Score

 IELTS Writing Score

Writing Course Placement

440 and below

18 and below



WRIT 001 (1st semester)

WRIT 002 (2nd semester)

(Pacific Seminar deferred the first year; PACS 001P the following year)






(Co-req with Pacific Seminar)

510 and above

22 and above


8.0 and above 

Meets Fundamental Skills Requirement in Writing