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Weekend of Welcome - "WOW"

Weekend of Welcome or "WOW" is Part II of the Freshman Orientation Experience!  WOW is a unique first year experience designed to help new students "track their path to college success", and further orient them to Pacific, our resources, and campus culture.  WOW occurs the weekend prior to the start of the fall semester.  During WOW all new freshmen participate in a weekend of fun, engaging and informative activities and sessions all designed to prepare them for success at University of the Pacific.

WOW is a collaboration of faculty, staff, and student leaders who partner together to provide first year students with a supportive and encouraging environment. During this weekend new students will meet fellow students, faculty and staff, and come to think of University of the Pacific and Stockton as their new home. 

WOW includes a variety of fun activities beginning with a special send-off event for students and their parents and families on Thursday, August 20th.

Students Will - 

Connect with

  • Fellow new students
  • Your college
  • Campus Resources
  • Housing Community
  • Current Students
  • Faculty
  • Pacific Community

Explore fun things to do as a Pacific Student

  • ASUOP Events
  • Residence Hall Events
  • Campus Recreation
  • Dining out in Stockton
  • Pacific Tiger Athletic Events

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the New Student and Family Programs at (209) 946-7619 or email us at orientation@pacific.edu. Students and staff are available to answer your questions or refer you to the proper office to meet your needs.