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Becoming an Authorized User

NOTE: Starting June 15, 2012, all previously Authorized Users must be re-authorized through the student's InsidePacific account due to a change in our billing and payment website.

Authorized users are family and friends that have been given the ability to access the student's account information.  In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), a student's financial record may not be shared without their consent.

Student Accounts staff will not disclose any information regarding a student unless they have been listed as an Authorized User.  

Additional Information: FERPA

Students can add an authorized user by logging on to InsidePacific and following these steps:

Step 1:  Go the Academic Tab


Step 2: Go to Manage Your Account

Step 3: In the Authorized Users section, select "Add New" 

Step 4: Create a Unique User  ID and enter a valid email address.  Set permission levels to allow Authorized user  to log in and have permission to access electronic bills.  Select ok.


The system will send out an email to the the Authorized User's valid email address with a temporary password.  Authorized users must set up a new password within 24 hours of receipt or the temporary password will become invalid and the student will have to re-authorize.  Once set up, they can access link to external web page ePay and be able to to view, manage, or make online payments to a student's account.