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Pacific Rec's October TigerX Classes at Baun Fitness Center

Oct 1, 2009

 It was a strong September showing for the Baun Fitness Center's TigerX program. With new class offerings, October is sure to start off with a roar! Add Tuesday night Turbo Sculpt or Wednesday evening Get to the Core to bust out of your workout rut.

October Tiger X Schedule

All classes focus on correct posture with attention to detail and safety in poses. Yoga, "Gentle" Yoga, and "Lunch Time" Yoga involve flowing sequences of poses that link breath to movement. All levels welcome to work toward increased core strength, balance, flexibility and stamina.

Relaxation/Flexibility Classess:


This mat class is focuses on proper breathing technique and alignment. Pilates is offered to train beginners, intermediate, and advanced individuals that will benefit each participant.

Dance Classes:


Fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout system that will blow you away. Come join the party!


This Afro-Brazilian dance form combines martial arts, games, music and dance for a novel group exercise.

Hip Hop

So you think you can dance? Take a new roller coaster ride in the realm of Hip-Hop that will have you poppin' and lockin' to cardio rhythms, build strength and muscle tone in the abs, gluts and arms; Fun "themed" classes, so check the schedule!

Aerobic/Core Classes:


A high-energy workout based on kickboxing moves and drills. Come kick and punch with the best of them!

Indoor Cycling

Bring your bike workout indoors for climbs, sprints, and more. A great cardiovascular workout! Indoor cycling is offered multiple times a week so everyone has a chance to participate.

Cardio Kick

Super fun, sexy, high-energy cardio program designed to strengthen and tone your entire body with an intense focus on the abs. Cardio Kick is addictive; its up-tempo beats quickly made it the hottest group-exercise kickboxing program in the country.


Want to learn time-proven techniques on how to defend yourself? Come to the Baun Fitness Center for exciting demonstrations and hands-on learning of how to stay safe in a dangerous world.

Boot Camp

It's all too easy to get stuck in the same routine! Boot Camp offers a chance to mix up your normal routine through the usual of multiple training methods.


Come get the best of both worlds with this combination class. Turbosculpt puts together the intensity of a Turbokick class and tones up your muscles with the Body Sculpt portion. This new class will be a great addition to your normal routine.

Get to the Core (abs & more)

Looking for another way to get that washboard stomach back? This class focuses on not only abs but a holistic approach to strengthening the hips, gluts,