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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Message from President Eibeck

I am pleased to announce this initiative to build on partnerships between the University and our community, which began when Stockton leaders campaigned to bring the College of the Pacific to this city in the 1920s. Stockton has always seen the importance of higher education, and the partnership that began 85 years ago has helped to foster a nationally ranked private university dedicated to student-centered education.

Pacific is now nine schools and colleges on three campuses (Sacramento, San Francisco and Stockton) with 6,400 students, more than 2,000 faculty and staff and a $280 million annual budget.

We are proud of our deep roots here, committed not only to quality education for our students but also to serving the needs of our region with its population of diverse cultures and heritages. We are dedicated to the stewardship of the fragile ecosystem that is the Delta, with its natural resources, beauty and recreation. We are committed to our city and region as it faces economic challenges as well as engages new ideas for healthcare, art and culture.

As a new president, I am learning about the things we have done well for our community and the areas where we can make a greater difference. What kinds of opportunities exist for partnerships, in areas aligned with our mission to educate our students to become powerful forces for change?

Beyond Our Gates . . . into the Community is a series of structured community-input events designed to help me and others at Pacific understand our community's needs and aspirations. The fates of Stockton and Pacific are inextricably entwined. If local jobs aren't available, or our local students aren't adequately prepared for college, that affects Pacific. If Pacific isn't producing highly trained graduates for our region's workforce, adding economic and cultural benefit to the community, then that slows Stockton's progress.

These five forums will give those of us at Pacific and in our region a better understanding of the connections between the university and the community and our future needs.

I hope you'll attend one or all of these half-day sessions on Healthcare; Economy and the Social Safety Net; Energy and Environment; Education; Arts and Culture. At the conclusion of this effort this summer, we'll meet with city and regional leadership to identify a focus of efforts and partnerships that can have the most strategic impact on this region.


Pamela A. Eibeck, PhD, PE