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Donald V. DeRosa

Dr. Donald V. DeRosa became president of University of the Pacific in 1995. He was only the fifth president to hold office since the University moved to Stockton in 1924.

DeRosa has been hailed as an energetic and visionary leader who effected dramatic improvements related to strengthening academic programs, quality and selectivity of the student body, endowment growth, and fundraising. DeRosa’s successful leadership was evidenced by the outcome of a comprehensive campaign which closed in October 2007 with over $330 million raised, including a $100 million gift.

DeRosa directed a $200 million expansion and renovation of university facilities, achieved integration between schools and campuses, and presided over an increase in the University’s endowment from $63 million to over $225 million. He championed the infusion of new themes within the curriculum including the incorporation of interdisciplinary studies, ethics, and leadership. He fostered a deeper realization of Pacific’s distinctive character and values, focus on the whole student, commitment to teaching and learning, and emphasis on service to the community.

For his commitment to and advancement of the music and ideas of Dave Brubeck through his vision, leadership, and decisive action that led to the creation of the Brubeck Institute, Donald DeRosa was the recipient of the 2009 Brubeck Institute Award for Distinguished Achievement.

Dr. DeRosa retired in June 2009 and now serves as President Emeritus.